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What Kind Of Sticker Is Right For You?


If you want your business or event to stick out in a crowd, try printing stickers. You can affix stickers everywhere and anywhere, so they can go where other promotional materials can’t – and make an impression on busy customers.

Whether you’re a business owner, a startup or a freelancer, or you’re just looking for a fun handout for a birthday party or wedding, you can use stickers for everything: packaging labels, bumper stickers, mailing labels, giveaways, name tags, bottle labels, envelope sealers and put much anything else you can think of.

PsPrint has all the stickers you could possibly need. The trick is deciding which sticker is right for you. In this video, we detail the various types of stickers and explain their benefits, so you’ll know exactly which kind of stickers to print with us.


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If you’re looking for highly visible branding that really sticks around, try our custom stickers. Gloss sticker paper is perfect for indoor use. Vinyl sticker paper works indoors and outdoors, and includes a high-gloss UV coating for added shine and durability. If you want a translucent stained glass look for your sticker, we recommend our clear polyester sticker paper. You can size any of these stickers as big or as small as you need, and they will always stay put.

Die-cut Stickers

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A creative die-cut shape can transform a plain sticker into a fun and memorable branding opportunity that people will be proud to display on their laptops, phones, notebooks, refrigerators, wherever. We have a variety of unique shapes in our die galleries, or we can create a custom shape exclusively for you for a small fee.

Sheet Stickers

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An easy way to get your stickers printed in circle, oval or rounded corner shapes with multiple stickers on one convenient sheet is to try sheet stickers. They are printed on 12-inch by 18-inch kiss-cut sheets with either a semi-gloss or high-gloss with UV coating. Plus, you can vary the designs on the individual sticker sheets. Sheet stickers make excellent gift labels, address labels, envelope sealers and more.

Roll Stickers

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Get your print marketing on a roll with roll stickers. Available in several sizes and shapes, including circles, ovals, squares and rectangles, our roll stickers are an affordable way to print stickers in one of several unique shapes, then rolled onto a standard 3” core. With quantities as high as 5,000, our roll stickers are great for business marketing and event promotions as well as shipping and mailing labels, return address labels, product labels, package and envelope sealers, and more. If you’re using a labeling device, you can select the unwind direction of your stickers to match your equipment setup.

Bottle Labels

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Whether you’re thirsty for more business or you’re a casual winemaker or homebrewer, bottle labels are a powerful way to promote your products and brand your company. They’re ideal for wine labels, beer labels, juice labels, olive oil labels and other food and beverage labels. Printed on cream texture parchment sticker paper, they also work as elegant packaging labels for premium or gourmet products. They are both temperature- and moisture-resistant, so you can be sure your labels will always stick.

Window clings & decals

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Our window clings and decals give new meaning to the term “window shopping.” Now you can turn your empty window into a marketing opportunity. Window clings, also known as static clings, have a static-charged back, which means you can remove them again and again. If you are looking for something with a little more stick to it, try our repositionable adhesive decals, which can be removed and repositioned as many as five times on a smooth surface.

Whether you’re printing stickers for business or pleasure, we can help. We make it so simple with our easy-to-personalize sticker designs. In just a few clicks, you can customize one of the eye-catching design templates featured in our gallery.


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