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Print Marketing Is The Key To Success


A lot of people think that print isn’t as important as it used to be in this new digital age, but those people aren’t looking at the data. Print marketing for your business, product, service or event is the best way to stand out in a crowded online world. Combining digital marketing with print marketing can be the perfect way to generate new leads and increase brand awareness.

A recent Temple University study for the United States Postal Service revealed that physical ads have more emotional weight than digital ads]]>. With print marketing, customers can process more information about your brand and develop a subconscious desire for the product, which should be the goal for any business. Numerous other studies show combining print with digital in a single campaign drives higher response rates and conversion than just digital-only communications.

While some would have you believe that online advertising and print marketing are too different to work together, savvy marketers know that harnessing the power of one can dramatically increase the success rate of the other.

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PsPrint customer Maria Rodriguez, creative director at Children’s Fairyland, said that print marketing has led to increased business for their nonprofit theme park in Oakland, Calif.

“Print marketing has translated into more sales for us. Everything is connected to the internet now. Customers take the postcard and then they can immediately just hop on their phone and place an order for a birthday party,” Rodriguez said.

Instead of trying to compete with online advertising only, attract customers to your business with a print marketing campaign – or combine print with your digital communications.

The rush of many companies to spend their marketing budget online has left smart businesses with fewer competitors in the print world. While online advertising has to compete with numerous distractions, print marketing such as booklets, catalogs, postcards, posters and brochures stand a better chance of getting, and holding, customer attention. Plus, print marketing in the form of calendars, magnets and stickers can stay in offices and homes for months and even years, keeping your business top of mind.

“It's nice to have something different that's not in your inbox. It's actually in your mailbox. You get this brightly colored postcard that stands out from all of the bills,” said Rodriguez.

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PsPrint customer Shauna Rosenblum, co-owner and winemaker at Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda, Calif., said that print marketing plays a crucial role in her company’s marketing plan.

“Print marketing is tangible. It's something that's really nice to touch and see and feel. Online marketing is very important, too. Everyone can go on the internet and say, ‘Oh, I like this,’ but then 15 minutes later, you can't even remember what it was that you were talking about or what you liked,” Rosenblum said. “Print marketing is a nice reminder.”

Looking to dip your toe into print marketing? You can do this efficiently and economically with a simple, yet strategic, direct-mail postcard campaign . The benefit here is that you can reach a highly targeted demographic audience with a controlled message one-on-one, and probably with zero interference from competitors.

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Cathy Niland, the communications manager for Cat Town in Oakland, Calif., said that the nonprofit uses print marketing to share the stories of adoptable cats and touch the hearts of people in the community.

“With print marketing, we've been able to reach people through direct mail. We see our stickers around town,” Niland said. “We're finding homes for cats, and being able to share our message with people through compelling print marketing is a huge asset.”

Print marketing gives your business more credibility and increases engagement. An online ad will be viewed for as little as 15 seconds, while a potential customer might spend as long as 45 minutes reading a magazine. Plus, a prospect can look at your printed piece, put it down and come back to it. With online advertising, one minute your ad is there, and the next minute it’s gone.

Print marketing is one of the best ways to establish and reinforce your brand. You control the design: the colors, fonts, logos and images, which establish brand recognition. You can also better reach your target audience. And you can place your printed piece in the ideal location to reach people.

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“I've been doing marketing and branding for almost 20 years, and I will always rely on the importance of print collateral,” said Marie Macaspac, the marketing manager for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, Calif. “Everyone can take a stack of palm cards or brochures and pass them out around town. We're outdoor people, so whether they’re at the dog park or they're having coffee, we want people to be able to conveniently hand out some piece of print collateral that has a cute doggy face on it.”

If you are looking to freshen up your print marketing campaign or if you’re just getting started, PsPrint can help. We’re print marketing experts. Whether you’re printing brochures for your nonprofit organization, business cards for your company, postcards to promote your product, stickers for your store, or booklets for your event, PsPrint wants to empower you to do what you do best — build a community, grow your business, make meaningful connections or save the world — and make a lasting impression while you do it.