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Self Mailer

Self mailer is a printed piece that can travel in the mailing arena independent of an envelope. PsPrint offers many different self mailers, including brochures and postcards.

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Standard Rate

Standard rate or bulk rate is the process of preparing and sorting mail to qualify for reduced bulk postage rates. The lowest standard postage rates are available if PsPrint can sort and automate addresses in your mailing list(s) and if you submit artwork that meets PsPrint's mailing specifications at:https://www.psprint.com/layout-templates/direct-mail/.

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Tab Delimited

Tab delimited or comma separated values or .CSV for short is a simple text file format that contains information separated by commas or tabs. Each line is one entry or record, and the fields in the record are separated by commas or tabs. This format is commonly used by clients to store mail list data.

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Tree-Free refers to certain paper types that are made from renewable resources other than trees, such as bamboo, cotton, or hemp.

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TXT is abbreviation for ASCII text file.

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