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How to check pdf quality

As a final step to assure great print quality, do a visual check of your PDF proof before approving your design. The PDF is the file that will actually be printed.

Steps to Check Your PDF

1. Open PDF proof by clicking 'View PDF Proof' icon in the toolbar.

Proofing Tools

2. In Acrobat Reader, click Zoom(+) button until magnification is 400%. (See steps for Mac OSX Preview application below)

Zoom Image Options

3. Text and images should look crisp and clear, with minimal pixelation, at 400% magnification level. HINT: Use hand icon to drag design around the viewable area.

Example: Good Quality PDF

Good Quality PDF

Example: Poor Quality PDF

Bad Quality PDF

4. Still unsure whether your PDF quality is good or not? Click chat icon on Review page to talk to our Design Team.

Using Mac OS X Preview Application

1. Open PDF in Apple Preview. Magnification % (or Scale) does not display by default. Follow steps to turn on Scale.

Using Mac OS X Preview Application

2. Click View Customize Toolbar. In Customize pane, drag the 'Scale' widget up to the Preview application toolbar

View Customize Toolbar  Scale Widget

3. Scale widget will display in toolbar. Set scale to 400% and follow instructions above.

Scale Widget On Mac OS

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