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Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft publisher version 2003 and up can be save as a print ready JPEG. Please follow the instructions to export a .jpg file for upload.


  1. Change the Color Mode to CMYK
  2. Save As (JPEG)
  3. Change File Resolution

1. Change the Color Mode to CMYK

  • Tools > Commercial Printing
  • Tools > Color Printing
  • Select CMYK color mode

2. Save Document as "JPEG File Interchange Format"

Go to File > Save As
Choose “JPEG File Interchange Format” from the Save as type menu

Note: Publisher causes rasterized fonts to print jagged or pixilated. PsPrint recommends the use of graphic software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Quark.

3. Change the file resolution

  • Click the “Change” button above
    the file name
  • Be sure to choose “Commercial Printing (300 dpi)” from the menu
  • You can now save and upload
    your document