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An Image is a computerized representation of a picture or graphic.

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Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPEG)

Joint photographic experts group or .JPEG or .JPG for short is a file format used for color images. This format retains a high degree of color while requiring less storage space than needed for other file formats. Uncompressed JPEG files can be used for high-quality printing.

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JPEG is abbreviation for joint photographic experts group.

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Keyline is an outline or set on artwork showing the size and position of an illustration or halftone.

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Line Art

Line art is artwork consisting of solid blacks and whites with no shades of gray.

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Low Res

Low res is short for low resolution, which is sometimes used in context of an image or artwork submitted by a client. Low resolution images are usually anywhere from 72 to 250 dots per inch (dpi). PsPrint recommends fixing low resolution images or artwork to ensure high level of printing quality.

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