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Emboss is the process of pressing an image into paper so it lies above the surface.

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Feeder is the part of the press that separates the sheets of paper and feeds them into position for printing.

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Flat is the assembled composite of digital files ready for platemaking, the final step before printing.

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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the process of pressing a heated die onto a sheet of foil, releasing the foil from its backing and adhering it to the paper to create a foil design on a printed piece.

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Form refers to each side of a sheet of paper.

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Four-Color Printing

Four-color printing is the process by cyan, magenta, yellow, and blank inks are used to create a full color image.

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Frontside is the side that is opposite the back. For postcards, the Frontside is coated with aqueous coating.

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Gang Printing

Gang printing is the process of printing two or more finished products on the same sheet during a press run. PsPrint uses gang printing to provide customers with low prices on a number of different products.

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Ghosting is a phenomenon of a faint image on a printed sheet where it was not intended to appear.

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House Sheet

House sheet refers to paper kep in stock by PsPrint and suitable for a wide variety of printing jobs.

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