10 Tips For Elegant Invitations

10 Tips For Elegant Invitations

Whether you're planning a heavenly wedding or an evening soiree, you want to send elegant invitations to set the mood and entice guests to embrace your special event. Elegant invitations lend an air of importance and sophistication, making your special day the can't-miss event of the month. If you want to wow your recipients, consider the following 10 tips for elegant invitations.

1. Copy

When it comes to printing elegant invitations, it's not what you say, but how you say it that's important. Thus, your copy – or text – should be written with elegance. So, instead of: “We're getting married!” your invitations might read: “The bride and groom request your presence at their wedding...”

If you struggle with writing elegant copy, you can find excellent examples of elegant invitation text at the following resources:

2. Fonts

The appearance of your invitation copy can also dramatically impact how elegant your invitations are. Thus, it's important to choose an elegant font set. In many cases you can use just one font for your invitations, but you can use two or three if there is a good reason for doing so (particularly if you have headings and body text or subheads).

The following make excellent invitation fonts:

3. Colors

Some colors, or at least some color combinations, are better suited to elegant invitations than others. Black and purple, for example, would be considered more elegant than yellow, red and orange. But that doesn't mean you can't use any colors you want; just like your text, it's how you use colors that matters.

For example, different shades of the same color can have a dramatic elegant effect. Colors that might otherwise be considered too garish for elegant invitations can suddenly become elegant when used as ultra-thin borders.

There is not real rhyme or rule to elegant invitation colors; so choose colors that match the theme of your event and then play with their use in different fonts, lines, and symbols to identify their most elegant use.

4. Layout

Elegant invitation layouts feature lots of white space so different design elements and blocks of text are easily discerned from one another. In many cases, less is more, so it can be better to spread your message across several panels or pages rather than try to cram all of your invitation information into a single page.

5. Paper stock

The look of your invitations can lend itself to elegance, but don't overlook how your invitations feel. The sense of touch is one of the most powerful human senses and plays a major role in how we perceive the world around us. Moreover, the more weight an item has lends a sense of greater value in the human subconscious. These two factors work together to make certain invitation paper stocks appear more elegant than others.

Two of the most elegant invitation paper stocks are 13-point recycled matte paper stock and 15-point velvet paper stock. Both are heavy, soften the appearance of your invitation design, and feature smooth finishes that feel great in the hand.

6. Photos and illustrations

If you're going to include photos and illustrations in your invitation design, they should match the look and feel of the rest of your design elements. Incorporate the same colors into your illustrations. Consider adding a hued overtone to your photos, or making your photos black and white with a touch of selective color.

7. Symbols

Symbols can dramatically enhance your invitations; like text and color, the symbols you use aren't as important as how you use them. Depending on your design, your symbols might look more elegant as outlines rather than filled with solid colors. Dropshadows might enhance their elegance, and so could different filters to soften the look of your filled symbols or to add dramatic edge effects.

8. Envelopes

If you've worked to make your invitations as elegant as possible, you should do the same with your envelopes. Use elegant fonts, colors, and symbols on your envelopes to make them match your invitations. You should also print envelopes on elegant paper stocks such as premium 24 lb. ultra-white paper stock or standard 70 lb. paper stock with a white wove finish.

9. Envelope sticker seals

For an elegant finishing touch, seal your invitation envelopes with stickers. Your sticker design should match your invitations and be simple: the last initial of an engaged couple, for example, or a single strong symbol that matches your invitation theme. Save money by printing kiss-cut sheet stickers and maintain a low-gloss appearance by opting out of UV coating to match the rest of your soft elegant theme.

10. Discount printing

Last but not least, be on the lookout for premium invitation printing at discount prices. PsPrint, for example, routinely offers discounts on invitation printing that can save you up to 50 percent. Just because your elegant invitations look like a million bucks doesn't mean they have to cost it.

Printing elegant invitations requires you to coordinate several design, text, and external elements into a single cohesive theme. Pay attention to how these different elements interact with or enhance one another, and be sure all of your design and printing selections perfectly align with your elegant theme. Follow these tips, and you'll be able to craft a scrapbook-worthy elegant invitation design – complete with matching envelopes and sticker seals – in no time.