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5 Small Business Benefits to Short-Run Posters

ra biz benefits short run posters

Short-run posters are excellent small business marketing tools that allow you to reach local audiences in a variety of venues, increase brand name recognition through repetition, and bring customers to your door. The following lists five small business benefits to short-run posters you can’t ignore.

1. Short-run posters offer unique targeting opportunities

Since you’re not bound to minimum quantities, you can print just five or ten – or even just one – short-run poster a time. This presents unique targeting opportunities so you can make your marketing more relevant to specific audiences. For example, you might want to print one poster design to be placed in local bars, and another poster designed for supermarket placement.

The more relevant your marketing, the more likely your brand will be noticed and you’ll earn new customers. Short-run posters make it easy make your marketing relevant to audiences based on location.

2. Short-run posters are budget-friendly

No minimum quantity also means no minimum spend – keeping short-run posters budget-friendly for small businesses. You can print anywhere from one to fifty short-run posters; and, with state-of-the-art digital printing technology, you won’t incur expensive offset press plate setup fees.

As small businesses know, one of the best strategies is to maintain a lean marketing budget without sacrificing reach and relevancy, and short-run posters are perfect campaigns for achieving those directives.

3. Short-run posters increase brand recognition

The affordability of short-run posters makes it easy for small businesses to blanket their cities with posters – without breaking the bank. This type of repetition leads to greater brand recognition, which in turn helps customers think of your business when they need to buy what you sell.

It’s no secret that repetition sells, and short-run posters can be a great way to make your brand ubiquitous. You can even switch posters out for new designs every few weeks without burdening your budget.

4. Short-run posters can make you bigger than the competition – literally

Short-run posters can be printed in sizes up to 27-in. by 39-in., which is the same size as marquee movies posters. Posters don’t get any bigger than that! Print larger-than-life posters that help your brand dominate the competition – and customers’ attention – with affordable large-format short-run poster printing.

5. Short-run posters lend a quality impression

Too often, affordability comes with a sacrifice: quality. No so with short-run poster printing, which takes advantage of state-of-the-art digital printing presses to produce premium-quality individual prints. It’s precisely this technology that makes short-run printing possible. Add in high-quality 100 lb. gloss cover stock, and you can print beautiful posters – or a single beautiful poster – without breaking the bank.

Short-run posters are perfect for economically promoting small business products, services, sales, and events. Print your short-run posters today.