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5 Things to Look For In Postcard Marketing Services

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Postcard marketing services are perfect for reaching your target audience at affordable prices. Not all postcard marketing services are created equal, so to get the most bang for your marketing dollar – or, the best return on investment and sales and business growth – make sure that your postcard marketing service offers the following five attributes. 1.           Premium materials Quality is important when it comes to postcard marketing services; the last thing you want to do is invest good money in a great offer and dazzling design just to have your message tarnished by poor paper, ink and printing. See that your postcard marketing service offers premium paper stocks such as ultra-thick 16-point gloss cover and 13-point matte cover stock printed with eco-friendly and vibrant soy inks on state-of-the-art presses. 2.           List options The quality of your mailing list is likewise vital to your postcard marketing success. A great list means your message is highly targeted to potential customers who are likely interested in the products and services you sell. Good postcard marketing services give you mailing list options: You can provide your own mailing list, either self-generated or rented/purchased from a broker; or you can compile an original mailing list based on your customer demographics through a hosted list generation service for rent or purchase. 3.           Mailing house Premium postcard marketing services don't simply print postcards; they address, stamp, and mail them as well. When you take advantage of in-house postcard mailing, you can save time, money and hassles. You don't have to address your own postcards or waste resources affixing them to your postcards, you don't have to buy stamps (you can use your postcard mailing service's bulk mail indicia for cheaper postage), and you don't have to waste time going back and forth between the post office. 4.           Fair prices Fair prices are essential to maximizing your return on investment. Be careful not to settle for the “lowest bidder,” since such services often deliver the lowest-quality postcards. What you want to strive for is a balance – premium postcards at reasonable, affordable prices. Be on the lookout for special discounts, which many premium postcard marketing services offer. For example, PsPrint routinely offers a postcard discount deal from 40 to 60 percent off – the perfect way to maximize your return on investment. 5.           Excellent customer service Does your postcard marketing service have a phone number that gets you in touch with a real person – who speaks a language you understand? You need to be able to communicate with your postcard marketing service in case you have questions, problems, or need help coordinating a strategic postcard marketing campaign. Instant ordering with do-it-yourself pricing and options are technological advancements that make life convenient, and you should definitely take advantage of such services; but you also need to know that you have a friendly and helpful account representative behind the scenes in case a problem arises.