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Adhesive Banner Design and Printing Tips

Adhesive Banner Design and Printing Tips

Adhesive banners are affordable marketing tools that let you promote your brand, products and services to the masses in just about any location. Adhesive banners can be placed anywhere from doors and walls to windows and ceilings to park benches and any other flat surface. Unlike signage that must be permanently mounted, adhesive banners make it simple to market anywhere because they stick to almost any surface with strong adhesive that's still designed to peel off when you're done with your promotion. Before you take advantage of this excellent marketing opportunity, learn how to get the most out of adhesive banners with the following lesson on adhesive banner design and printing 101.

Define your adhesive banner's purpose and goals Will your adhesive banner promote your new product at a trade show? Will it reveal a special offer to passers-by in a busy shopping district? Will it promote your brand and logo on the wall in your office space? Determine exactly what your banner's purpose is and the goals you want it to achieve at the outset – before you design it – so that all of your decisions are made with the end goal in mind.

Write your adhesive banner copy Good copywriting motivates action, so write your banner copy before you design it. Keep your copy short and sweet, but make your point. Include an attention-getting headline, a powerful call to action to motivate response, and motivate desire with customer benefits or script in graphics that imply those benefits. Of course, if your adhesive banner is simply to brand with a large format wall logo, you can skip this step – but it's a critical part of the process if you want your adhesive banner to influence customers to take some sort of action.

Get a free adhesive banner template Sure, you want to craft your own custom design – and you can with these templates. PsPrint's free adhesive banner layout guidelines do not have design elements; rather, they feature layout guidelines (safe area, bleed lines, cut lines) so you can properly position your artwork. Add in the fact that they're already pre-formatted in the proper size, color mode, and resolution, and you can save tedious setup time and get straight to your design simply by downloading free adhesive banner templates. When your design is done, simply delete the template later and send to print.

Size your banners for distribution Knowing where your adhesive banners will be placed before you design will help you select the right template and size your artwork accordingly. Adhesive banners can be printed in any size ranging from 1' x 1' to 4.85' x 8'. Bigger isn't always better, especially if space is limited; but if you do have the space, go big or go home. Also consider your adhesive banner orientation: traditional horizontal or attention-getting vertical.

Craft a compelling, attention-getting design Your adhesive banner design should seek to get attention first, then immediately make its point, and finally direct customers' eyes through benefits (to create desire) and a call to action. A lot of visuals make implied statements, so support your message or tell your entire story with graphics, photos, and illustrations. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so couple meaningful design with short, powerful copy to maximize the efficacy of your adhesive banners.

Select gloss or matte stock Your choice of finish for your adhesive banner stock can play a big role in how your message is perceived. Gloss adhesive vinyl implies cutting-edge, new-age, and contemporary ideals; matte is more traditional, elegant, and subdued. Also consider placement: if your adhesive banner will be facing the sun, a glossy finish might cause the sun's reflection to obscure your design whereas a matte finish might not. Similarly, your design might be accentuated by a gloss finish if it will be placed in a low-lit interior setting.

Get premium adhesive banner printing at discount prices Not all adhesive banners are created equally; you should invest in premium printing on quality adhesive vinyl stock printed with fade-resistant, eco-friendly soy inks, which are also more vibrant than petroleum-based inks. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank to print adhesive banners, however. You can find exceptional discounts on premium adhesive banners if you know where to look. At PsPrint, for example you can print a large 2' x 6' adhesive banner in either gloss or matte finish for just $72. Adhesive banners can help you market with large-format materials in places traditional banners and other marketing materials can't go. Follow the advice outlined in this article to design and print powerful adhesive banners that help you achieve your marketing goals.