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Advertise Anywhere with Adhesive Banners

Adhesive Banners

Banners are some of the best marketing tools a company can employ, but they do have their limitations. Banners are big and bold enough to command the attention of any target customer base, but they can't go anywhere. Wouldn't it be great if you could print a marketing material that had the attention-getting prowess of banners with the go-anywhere flexibility of stickers? Well, you're not the first person to think so, which is why today's print marketing advancements have made it possible to advertise anywhere with adhesive banners. Adhesive banners are a hybrid between traditional banners or posters, which are big, bold, and large enough to be seen from a distance, with stickers, which can be affixed to nearly any surface for the ability to market anywhere. This “market anywhere” ability afforded by adhesive banners has three major benefits: first, and most obviously, you can market anywhere; second, you can bring the power of banner marketing anywhere; and third, you can catch customers off guard by placing your powerful adhesive banners nearly anywhere. The unexpected remains in the human memory long after it is experienced, which is why you should strive to take advantage of adhesive banners to make sure you get noticed, time and again, by your target customer base. And, yes, of course you can place adhesive banners in traditional areas as well – you don't even need tape! Adhesive banners on ceilings Ceilings are excellent places for marketing with adhesive banners, largely because few people expect to see banners or posters on ceilings. You could place adhesive banners on ceilings people often look at, such as in elevators (when you look to see what floor you're on). Or, you could place adhesive banners in unconventional areas such as above a dentists' patient chair. If you place your adhesive banners on other ceilings, it wouldn't hurt to print yet another adhesive banners to place on the wall, with an arrow and the words “Look Up” or “Look Up for a Great Deal.” Adhesive banners in stairwells What's one “ceiling” we often look at? Stairwell ceilings! Not everyone uses the elevator, and in some places or buildings there are few elevators at all. What's more, you can take advantage of opposing escalator space at your local mall with adhesive banners. Banners and posters on stairwells will undoubtedly be noticed and, with the right pitch, responded to. Adhesive banners on floors What goes up must come down, unless it's an adhesive banner. Still, adhesive banners are perfect for marketing on floors, steps, walkways, elevator floors, and more. Just as with the first two examples, the fact that your adhesive banners are distributed in odd places will give them more meaning to your customers – and you can even gain the ever-valuable yet so hard to earn word-of-mouth advertising.