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Affordable Online Printing Isn't Cheap: Why You Need Quality Marketing Materials

Affordable online printing

One of the many challenges small business owners face is to find affordable online printing that yields excellent returns on investment. If you're a small business owner seeking affordable online printing, it's important to understand the difference between definitions: affordable online printing isn't cheap. The following examines that statement and illuminates the necessity for quality marketing materials.

Affordable vs .cheap

First and foremost, it's important to understand that while the words “affordable” and “cheap” are often exchangeable, they can still mean very different things. “Affordable” does not indicate quality, while “cheap” can denote that your printed marketing materials look and feel flimsy, are made of low-grade paper stocks and poor ink that susceptible to fading and bleaching, and can ultimately jeopardize your return on investment. Both “affordable” and “cheap” can mean low cost; but affordable marketing materials can be crafted from premium paper stocks and inks that contribute to an excellent return on investment.

The best price does not mean the best investment

When you consider affordable online printing, understand that the meaning of the term is contingent on your marketing budget. What is deemed affordable to one company might not be to another. At the same time, cheap online printing typically means that pretty much anyone can afford it because it is so low cost. When you purchase cheap online printing, you are not investing in your company; you're essentially throwing money away because customers are not likely to respond to marketing materials that appear cheap – and make your company appear cheap. Affordable online printing, on the other hand, can be similarly low priced, but will help build your brand image as a confident, reliable, trustworthy, and successful company who can help solve your customers' problems and assist in helping them meet their goals. From an investment standpoint, it is wiser to invest a few more dollars for a greater return than to spend as little as possible and yield a little, or even non-existent, return. The best price does not mean the best investment.

The best way to find affordable online printing

The best way to get affordable online printing is to first locate online printing companies who have state-of-the-art equipment, premium paper stocks and inks, and back up their products with excellent customer service and price guarantees. Then, go through their product selection and compare your options to get the best value so you can maximize your marketing efforts and return on investment. Once you've identified a great online printer, two perfect ways to guarantee the best printing investment are to wait for steep discounts (PsPrint offers discounts ranging from 10 to 60 percent off, for example) and to take advantage of your online printer's price guarantee (for example, PsPrint will beat any price for the same printing). That way you know you're getting premium marketing materials at the best possible price.