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Anatomy of a Successful Holiday Postcard Campaign

Anatomy of a Successful Holiday Postcard Campaign

Postcards are powerful holiday marketing tools because they allow you to reach a highly targeted customer base with an offer they're likely to respond to, at a time when they're actively looking to make purchases, for a low investment. The following details what you need to know to launch your own successful holiday postcard campaign.

Start with a good mailing list

The better you know your best customers, the better you can market to others who fit the same demographics. Determine the unique attributes common to your best customers, then create your own mailing list comprised of similar prospects. The 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing states that 40 percent of your success is directly attributed to the quality of your mailing list, so by starting with a well-targeted list you'll be well on your way to a successful holiday postcard campaign.

Craft a compelling offer

The next 40 percent of your success is contingent on your offer, or its perceived value to your postcard recipients. The key for most postcard direct-mail marketing campaigns is to create a time-limited offer your customers will want to take advantage of before it expires, yet leaves enough room for you to turn a healthy profit. Create desire for your product or service with attention-getting copy writing. Bold statement headlines, benefit lists and a call to action can help you motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process now.

Dazzle with design

Your postcard design can command attention for your postcard at the mailbox, vastly increasing the chances it will be read. Your design can also be used to showcase important elements of your copy, so your customers' eyes naturally flow to the benefits and call to action. Design also showcases charts, graphics, photos, coupons and other visual elements that persuade customers to take action; and simultaneously sets the mood of your postcard and branding of your company. Succinctly said, a good postcard design helps customers trust your company and feel good about doing business with you.

Profit from perfect postcard printing

Premium postcard printing is important to delivering the message that you operate a trustworthy, credible, and high-quality company. Print your postcards on high-quality paper stocks that are thick and robust, yet smooth and glossy or matte, so they feel good in your customers' hands and look great at the mailbox. You can have your online postcard printing company handle everything for you, from the mailing list to the design and the actual mailing yourself, if you're seeking a way to save time and money with your postcard direct-mail marketing campaigns.

Track your performance

Last but not least, a great holiday postcard campaign should have a tracking mechanism in place so you can evaluate your return on investment and make tweaks to future campaigns for an even higher return on investment. Coupons, coupon codes and personalized URLs are good ways to track your holiday postcard campaign performance. Establish a control your first year, and try to out-do it in subsequent years – or, even better, test different postcards against smaller populations – until you find one that generates a predictably high return for your campaign.