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Sales Sheets That Sell During Recessions

resources imageYou have to spend money to make money, but if your company has had to tighten the belt during the recession you know it can be difficult to justify spending more money on print marketing when it seems no one has it to spend. Truth is, there's profit to be made if you have the right pitch. If nothing else, the recession has companies spending money more wisely and viewing each purchase as an investment. Here's how to create B2B sales sheets that sell during recessions:

Demonstrate where the return comes from

Whether you're selling software, equipment, services or other products, it is imperative that your sales sheets demonstrate exactly how the buyer will benefit. Highlight what the return is, when it is to be expected, and use specific values so potential buyers can see how you are the perfect specific solution for their enterprises' problems. Instead of saying they'll spend less on employee benefits if they outsource bookkeeping to your company, say that your average client saves $15,000 each year by switching to you.

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Make it a coupon

Businesses enjoy discounts just as much as consumers, so it's a shame that many B2B companies never offer them. You can turn your sales sheets into coupons by including a perforated tear-off strip at the bottom, good for a discount special offer or other incentive for purchase. You could also turn this strip into a response card, or a dual-purpose response/coupon card, so you can track which companies are interested in doing business with you if you don't ultimately make the sale the first go around.

Focus on the benefits

Your sales sheet design should accentuate the benefits, not only with bold text but with pull-out boxes, quotes, background highlights, charts, graphs, images and other graphic elements. Your sales sheet must include all the important data about your product or service, and it must do it in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand way that elicits the right emotions from potential customers. When you choose product images, look for shots, angles and backgrounds that define the brand identity in one word.

Print on high-quality paper

You can't underestimate the power paper choice can have in purchasing decisions. If your sales sheet paper is too flimsy or rough, your company's products and services might also be considered weak. If your sales sheet paper is too rigid, you appear to lack common sense. On the other hand, if your sales sheet paper is smooth and sleek with the right balance of thickness and stability, your company's products and services likewise appear streamlined yet robust. Opt for a 100-pound gloss cover or text paper stock or 70-pound or 80-pound matte cover or text paper stock. For extra sheen and stability, have your sales sheets finished with a UV or aqueous coating.