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Baby Announcement Designs for Girls

Baby Announcements Designs

One of the most precious types of correspondence you'll ever send is baby announcements. As a new parent, your pride is unrivaled, and you want to tell the world about your bundle of joy. Since baby announcements represent such a personal experience, there's no reason to settle for run-of-the-mill store-bought invitations. Instead, create a custom baby announcement design that is as unique in the world as your baby. Baby announcement design takes a bit of creativity, but it isn't hard to do when you have the following baby girl announcement design tips.

Pretty in pink

Pink is the traditional color for newborn girls, which can leave you wondering how to create an original design with the color pink. It's actually easier than you think. Consider a textured background to break up the pink and contrast it against another color. Stripes, retro ragged, polka dots and other patterns with contrast work well. In the same vein your baby announcements could be designed with a multiple box layout, each with a different photo and background, so that the backgrounds are in varied hues of pink – light, dark, mixed with yellow, etc. Or, for a more subtle and elegant look, try using pink as outlines for your boxes or other information and image separators.


Large photos of your new baby girl are normal (and expected) on your baby announcements, but you can add class with a stylish monogrammed letter look. The first initial of your baby girl's name will look great in a classic script font, a bold serif font or a new age sans serif set inside a circle or other shape. Play with different fonts to see what looks best with the rest of your design – not only should you experiment with typeface, you should test different sizes and positioning. A monogram look might look great superimposed between a separator, or it might serve well as a large background image.

Contrast and accents

You can spice up your baby announcement design by employing contrast and accents in creative ways. Probably the simplest way to make your design shine is to stray slightly from traditional colors – instead of a pink background, go with a black background and pink script letters. Use light green or yellow – or even blue – in your design to mix things up. Accents such as dividers, symbols, shapes, stylized boxes and borders are all great ways to add pizzazz, and highlight key information such as your baby girl's name, weight, birthday, parents' names and more. There are a myriad ways you can layout your girls’ baby announcements, and the more creative and unique your design, the more original a keepsake you'll have. No matter how you design your baby announcements, make sure you print them on premium paper with pro-quality inks for best results. A glossy ultra-thick 16-point cover stock, smooth 15-point velvet, or 13-point recycled matte cover stock works well, especially when you add an elegant UV coating that adds sheen and durability for long-lasting scrapbook-able creations your family will enjoy for decades.