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Baby Shower Invitations for Couples

Baby Shower Invitations for Couples

More couples today are choosing to host shared baby showers; that is to say, baby showers in which the traditional idea of it being a women's-only celebration is tossed in favor of also including the father. After all, both the mom and dad need things for their new baby. If you're in charge of the guest list for a coed baby shower, take the following tips to create fantastic baby shower invitations for couples in a flash.

Baby shower invitation  wording

Start by penning the words that will be printed on your couples baby shower invitations. Your coed baby shower invitation wording can be traditional, original and contemporary, fun and humorous, poetic, or any combination of these styles. It should fit the style of the shared personalities of the couple you're holding the baby shower for. No matter how your wording is presented, it should include at least the basic information such as the names of the parents, the time, date and location of the baby shower, what guests should bring, where the couple has gift registries, and any special instructions such as directions, maps and whether guests should bring their own chairs or beverages.

Baby shower invitation design

Once you've settled on your invitation wording, you can put it to a compelling design. You can use stock images available for free or purchase online; or, for a more personal touch, use a photo of the parents along with the “bump.” You can then use creative design techniques such as stylized fonts, complementary colors, photo filters, borders and other graphic design elements to round out your one-of-a-kind co-ed baby shower invitation design.

Print invitations on premium paper

A common myth, especially among those who create their own baby shower invitation designs, is that desktop printing is more economical than professional baby shower invitation printing. The truth is, however, that by the time you purchase special paper for invitations and envelopes and expend your ink cartridges, professional printing typically comes out cheaper. Toss in the fact that it is far less time-consuming for you and yields a far better finished invitation, and it is easy to see why professional baby shower printing is the way to go if you want truly fantastic couples baby shower invitations. An ultra-thick 16-point gloss, 15-point velvet stock or 13-point recycled matte cover paper stock is ideal for your coed baby shower invitations. All you have to do is upload your design (you can get free invitation templates from PsPrint), and your online printing company takes care of the rest. Some companies can even handle your mailing – simply provide a mailing list with the names and addresses on your guest list and you won't have spend time closing, addressing, stamping and mailing envelopes.