Baptism Invitations for Adults

resources imageDesigning and printing baptism invitations for adults isn't that different from doing so for children - age differences aside, the themes are congruent and the ceremony itself is very similar. Still, no adult wants to be treated as a child, so you should heed the following best practices when planning baptism invitations for adults.

Opt for a mature style

Baptism invitations for kids can be solemn, celebratory or even zany and fun. But for adults, you're better off sticking with a mature style that recognizes the supreme commitment and spirituality associated with baptism. It is important to understand the distinctions between infant and adult baptisms. Though dogmas differ by denominations, it is largely regarded that infant baptism is a matter of parental choice; while adult baptism represents a spiritual commitment made by an individual responsible for his or her own decisions. This isn't to say that your baptism invitations can't be celebratory, only that they should be designed with the sanctity of the ceremony in mind.

Holy visuals

There are several symbols and images you can incorporate into your adult baptism invitation designs. The cross, the holy trinity, the Holy Bible, the disciples, Jesus Christ, and many other Christian themes are easily recognized. resources imageBible passages that deal with baptism can be written across the front or inside panels of your design. Matthew 3:13-17 states that Jesus was baptized in the river of Jordan, and when he came out of the water "heaven opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him." That's a powerful image for any design, especially adult baptism invitations.

Printing perfection

Baptism is one of the most important events in life for adults and children alike, so it makes sense that you would want to print the perfect baptism invitations. Start by deciding whether you want a traditional greeting card-style baptism invitation or a more contemporary postcard-style invitation. Once you've decided, download a free baptism invitation template before you start your design. Your template will make it easy to layout your design in the correct position, size, color mode and resolution so there are no issues when you go to press. It's important to choose a premium paper for your baptism invitations. Depending on the tone of your design, you could go with a 16-point cover gloss paper stock for a bright and vibrant look or a 13-point cover recycled paper stock for a rich, refined look. Either way, it's a good idea to consider a thick UV coating for extra sheen and durability. You should also understand the distinction between C1S and C2S paper: literally, they mean "Coated One Side" and "Coated Two Sides." If you're going to handwrite on the inside or back panels of your baptism invitations, make sure you choose C1S so that your coating doesn't cover the handwriting area, and thus prevent ink from soaking into the paper.