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Beat Your Competition with Glossy Business Cards

resources imageIf your competition is still using desktop-printed or other uncoated business cards, this is your chance to get ahead of the game by distributing top-quality glossy business cards. Your business card is your No. 1 marketing tool, and prospects will often keep it on hand much longer than any other marketing material you distribute. If you have a well-designed, glossy business card you'll stand out from the competition and increase the chances that your company will get the call when your services are needed. It's not hard to figure out how to beat your competition with glossy business cards; now here's the why:


Glossy business cards bring out the rich and vibrant colors of your design by reflecting light back toward the viewer. The lines, shapes, swoops and swirls of your design will look vivid, and your photographic images will look sharp and clear. This vibrance lends the impression that your company is professional, credible and reliable. It is enough to make the decision easy for anyone deciding between your company and the competition.


Ever notice how fast white, uncoated cards pick up dust and dirt? They might be clean when you hand them out, but after sitting in a wallet or pocket all day they're often grimy and dirty by the time they get to your prospect's rolodex. Weeks later, when they pull out your card, they might not remember how the card got dirty - they'll just associate the dirty look with your company. A glossy business card coating helps repel dirt and spills for a cleaner look, which will make your company seem clean and honest as well.


A glossy coating protects the business card paper and adds durability, so your cards will last a long time with less risk of being bent, torn and faded or chafing at the edges. If you want your business cards to have a long shelf life, and to look just as great in 12 months as they do the day you hand them out, you need a good glossy finish.


resources imageWhen your business card has a glossy finish, everything from your design layout and images to your tagline and web URL gets a boost in perceived professionalism. Your company must always look its best to be a legitimate contender in today's market; and your business card is the first weapon in your marketing arsenal. To beat the competition on all levels, you must first look better on the business card level. Your business card finish is just one of many elements you must consider when designing your business card to beat the competition. Colors, shapes, images and text are all part of the big picture; however, they are all moot points if your business card doesn't look great as a whole. A glossy finish is a great way to blend your card's elements together and add a touch of class and professionalism to help your business stand out from the competition.