Best Easter Design Resources

Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration, especially for tried-and-true (yet tired) annual themes such as Easter. Other times, you have a low-budget client or a hard deadline you need to meet, and you'd like to grab a free Easter bunny vector or other Easter design element quick and easy. For design inspiration as colorful as Easter eggs, fill your basket with these free Easter design resources (please check the licenses before usage).

  • ]]>resources imageGraphicMania]]> lists some incredibly colorful Easter egg vectors with no raster effects as well as some Photoshop Easter egg brushes you can use on your postcards, posters, banners, flyers, and other print marketing materials.
  • On ]]>Design Bliss]]> you'll find an assortment of Easter egg Photoshop brushes, including chocolate eggs and cut-outs.
  • You can get even more free Easter egg vectors at ]]>GUIWood]]>.
  • ]]>FreshFreeStuff]]> has a neat set of Easter bunny icons you can download free of charge.
  • Like to do it from scratch? ]]>DesignWasHere]]> has posted an in-depth Easter bunny vector tutorial for Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is laid out so that even novice designers can create a really nice-looking Easter bunny.
  • Dress up your Easter promotions with free Easter fonts from ]]>DaFont]]>.
  • You might also be able to find some good free Easter fonts at ]]>FontSpace]]>.
  • Easter isn't just bunnies and eggs, so get this free spring flower vector from ]]>Vectips]]>.
  • For inspiration, nothing will serve you better than reading about the history and tradition of Easter from ]]>The History Channel]]> and ]]>Wikipedia]]>.
  • What's Easter without a feast? The colors and shapes of the Easter meal make for some exciting and mouthwatering graphic design inspiration. Get some ideas from ]]>AllRecipes]]>.
  • Brusheezy, Vecteezy, and Flasheezy all have searchable databases for free Photoshop brushes, vector artwork and Flash files respectively.
  • ]]>Creative Commons]]> is another excellent place to find images and artwork for your Easter designs.