Bicycle Sticker Printing

Bicycle Sticker Printing

Have you ever considered bicycle “bumper” sticker printing as a viable marketing tool for your business? If not, you should – consider that with today's gas prices, more and more potential customers are taking to two wheels to travel about and stay in shape. And even though bicycles don't have bumpers, they do have frames that offer several areas where sticker printing can help promote your business. The following details why you should consider bicycle bumper sticker printing, which companies should try it, and how to get started.

Why print bicycle stickers?

The easiest answer is that the greater your brand reach, the greater your brand influence. According to the League of American Bicyclists, there are nearly 60 million people on bicycles in the United States annually. That's 60 million opportunities for you to get your brand stickers on these two-wheeled man-powered vehicles. And, of course, that figure doesn't include the many millions of pedestrians and drivers who would notice your sticker on bicycles as they go by. Bicycle stickers are incredibly cheap to print, so why not engage in what can only lead to more exposure and brand power?

Who should undertake bicycle sticker printing?

It might be obvious for bicycle supply companies to engage in bicycle sticker printing – after all, their target audience is already on bicycles. But those aren't the only companies that can benefit from the exposure earned from bicycle advertising. Many other target customer bases ride bicycles, and so you can hone in on those. And, as mentioned, many more potential customers see bicycles going by – and you can use bicycles to target them as well. Thus, any company can take advantage of the power of mobile marketing via bicycle sticker printing.

How to print bicycle bumper stickers?

Printing bicycle stickers is easy. Create your design yourself using free sticker layout templates in one of many different shapes and sizes. Next, simply upload your artwork and your online printing company will take care of the rest. Make sure you choose the right company for your sticker printing – one that has a great customer support team and premium sticker stocks such as vinyl sticker paper with glossy UV coating or clear polyester sticker paper with glossy UV coating. Both are well-suited for outdoor use.


Once you have your stickers printed, the last step is to get them in the hands of bicyclists and motivate them to stick them on their bicycles. There are several ways to do this: a cool design that simultaneously brands your company is one, or you could create an incentive program by which you give out some sort of freebie or discount dependent on how many miles your bicyclists have ridden with your sticker. Another way is to make your sticker relevant so it is appealing to bicyclists regardless of the design or any incentives. You might, for example, make a sticker that tells bicyclists which tire PSI to use in different types of weather or terrain. Finally, you can distribute your stickers at bicycle shops, through deals with bicycle accessory catalogs, manufacturers and retailers, or – the easiest and perhaps most effective method – via a highly targeted mailing list.