Bookmark Printing Techniques

Bookmark printing is a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and boost brand awareness and returns on investment. The following bookmark printing techniques will help you make important decisions to fine-tune your bookmarks for success.

Print on the backresources image

If you're going to print a bookmark, why waste all the valuable real estate on the back? The back of your bookmarks provide excellent space to elaborate on your message or offer, add a coupon, promotion or a call to action, tell more about your organization or include a list of upcoming events.

Drill holes for tassels

Will your bookmark include tassels? Tassels helps readers find their spot more easily and keeps your bookmark in place. They also add character to your bookmarks. If you're going to include tassels, have 3/16-inch, 5/16-inch or 1/4-inch holes drilled according to your tassel width.

Print on paper that lasts

Ever notice how even a brand-new book takes a beating after just the first read? So do bookmarks! To increase your bookmark's longevity, have it printed on a robust 16-point gloss stock. This type of bookmark paper adds stability, while its gloss coating enhances its sheen for design depth and protects your bookmark from minor spills and abrasions.

Get a proof

A hardcopy proof lets you inspect your bookmark in hand before you send the job to press. This is the best way to ensure your bookmark design is positioned correctly, that holes won't be drilled through important text or graphic elements and that your colors match up as well on the press as they do on your computer screen.

Print in volume

resources imageLike all printed products, the more bookmarks you print, the cheaper your price per bookmark. If you're going to print 5,000 bookmarks, print them all at once instead of in two separate orders to save on press set up costs the second time around. This isn't to say you should order more than you'll use - only that you should order enough to keep costs low and return on investment high. Many, many readers worldwide use bookmarks; however, many businesses and other organizations fail to recognize this as an opportunity to consistently and repetitively put a compelling message in front of their target audiences' eyes. You can leapfrog the competition by printing cost-effective full-color bookmarks with these bookmark printing techniques.