Brandable Business Gift Tags

Brandable Business Gift Tags

Just about any publicly sold product or service can be given as a gift, and if you haven't already you would be wise to position your own products and services as perfect gifts for your target audience (and those who buy gifts for them, of course). Today's savvy marketers know that simply landing a sale is not enough; at best, it is a wasted opportunity and at worst, lost customers and profit. One great way to take your marketing to the next level is to sell your products with branded business gift tags attached.

How business gift tags can increase sales

Brandable business gift tags let gift recipients know where their gift came from and so they can serve as introductions to your company. In this scenario, a non-customer receives a great gift and sees it comes from your business by your gift tag. He then visits your store or website to see what else you have that he might like to purchase. Business gift tags also have a “pay it forward” effect in that a gift recipient remembers your company from the gift tag on a great gift, and thus decides that he will buy gifts for his friends and family from your business because he liked his own gift so well. It's easy to see how business gift tags can turn one customer into a dozen or even 100 and introduce your company to new, potentially lifelong customers.

How to make business gift tags

Hang tags make perfect business gift tags because they can be folded, are available in a number of sizes, they can have holes drilled to be attached with a ribbon, and their designs can be customized in any way you'd like. Naturally, you will want to brand your business gift tags with your company logo and perhaps a tagline, and you might want to put your store location and/or URL on your tags as well. The point is to help the gift recipient understand that your store was created just for them. Another way to make business gift tags is to print stickers that can be affixed to your packaging, an ideal solution if you do not want to tie your gift items with ribbon or other material. The came branding principles apply whether you print business gift tags using hang tags or stickers.

Business gift tags tips and tricks

Many people remove tags from gifts before giving them to their recipients, but you can counter that tendency by adding value to your business gift tags. Give gifters a reason not to remove your gift tags, and you can ensure that the end user will see it. One way to do this is to turn your gift tags into mini greeting cards with “To:” and “From:” fields and/or relevant phrases of goodwill. Another great way to add value to your business gift tags is to turn them into discount coupons to be used in your store. This makes the gift more valuable and vastly reduces the likelihood that your business gift tags will be removed. You can also turn the back of hang tags into mini catalogs with a representative sampling of the other items your store has to offer – with a trackable coupon, of course!