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Brochure Marketing: Fact and Fiction

resources imageBrochure marketing is indispensable to most businesses, yet ignored by others, which is a shame given the powerful persuasive potential of brochures when they're used correctly. Much of the reason that some businesses don't use brochures as part of their overall marketing strategy is that several misconceptions abound regarding brochure marketing. Here, we will dispel these myths and provide the facts you need to know about brochure marketing, so you can put brochures to work as an effective part of a successful marketing campaign.

Fiction: Brochure marketing is expensive.

Fact: On the contrary, brochure marketing is one of the least expensive options you have when developing a robust marketing campaign. In fact, you can order 250 full-color brochures printed on sturdy 100-pound gloss paper for less than $1 each; double your order to 500 and you'll pay less than 50 cents each. The price per brochure keeps going down as the order volume goes up; and at 5,000 brochures you'll only pay about 10 cents each. When you think of it in terms of distribution costs, it costs you less than 10 cents to put your brochure in the hands of each qualified lead! Fiction: Brochure marketing is ineffective. resources imageFact: You need only take a look at the world of marketing around you to know that this is a farce. There's a reason why every Fortune 500 company prints and distributes brochures, why every salesperson is loaded with them and why they're strategically situated at thousands of point-of-sale locations nationwide. The reason is this: Brochures work. Brochures are the best way to intimately describe your company, your products and services, and your commitment to customer support one-on-one with your customers at a pace they're comfortable with. Brochures are teasers, allowing you to reveal just enough information for interested prospects to actually seek you out asking for more. Fiction: Brochure marketing only works in direct-mail campaigns. Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, brochure marketing is so varied that there are different types of brochures for each sales setting; each with a different approach and a different goal. Here are a few: Leave-behinds - for leaving with prospects after a one-on-one meeting Point-of-sale - enticements at the cash register Response - this is what you send out with other information when requested by a prospect Sales support - marketing materials for sales staff to use during in-person presentations Direct mail - always a good option, but definitely not the only option Fiction: Brochure marketing is only worthwhile for service-oriented businesses. Fact: While the service industry can certainly make good use of brochures, the retail industry can benefit just as much. A tri-fold brochure is much more cost-effective than a full-fledged catalog, and can lead customers to your storefront or website where your entire product line is available. In fact, brochures are a great way to introduce new or featured products to your customers without the overhead of catalogs. Brochures are at the cornerstone of many top-notch marketing strategies, and if you want to compete in today's competitive world you'll need to effectively harness the power of the brochure. See how easy it is with PsPrint's instant price quote widget.