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Get Your Bulk Mail Brochures to Customers

resources imageUsing bulk mail brochures to get in front of customers is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to any business. They are easy to create, flexible and are a great way to create brand recognition and elicit instant response. Here's how to use bulk mail brochures to get in front of customers:

Start with a great list

When you know who your customers are, then you can set your mind to compiling a mailing list full of highly targeted potential prospects. When it comes to bulk mail, the better your list, the better response rate you'll get. Bulk mail saves money because you handle some of the work the post office would otherwise do, so you get a reduced rate. This includes pre-sorting your brochures by zip code. An online printing and mailing company such as PsPrint can help you compile your mailing list, print your brochures, pre-sort them and send them out for you.

Get a mailing permit

You will need a mailing permit, or indicia, to bulk mail your brochures. The United States Postal Service charges an annual fee for a mailing permit, which might not be cost effective if you're only sending a few brochures each year. To save money and bypass the mailing permit fee, you can use your printing company's mailing permit if your printer mails your brochures for you. You also have to follow other guidelines such as minimum bulk mailing quantities to qualify for reduced rate bulk mailing. You can find many of these guidelines on the USPS website ]]>for more information]]>.

Don't forget the basics

resources imageIf you're considering your first bulk brochure mailing, don't let the excitement of reaching a large audience supersede your attention to detail. Like all direct-mail pieces, your brochure should include an invigorating headline, highlight key benefits, promote an incredible offer and deliver a motivational call to action. Likewise, you should have your bulk mail brochure professionally written, designed and printed. You don't need to hire a large advertising agency to do these things. Instead, hire a freelance copywriter, a freelance designer and an online printer such as PsPrint, and you'll realize tremendous cost savings yet still get the same high-quality you expect and deserve. Without all of these elements, your bulk brochure mailing will do little more than waste money and add a few pounds to postal carriers' mail bags. Using bulk mail brochures to get in front of customers is simple and incredibly effective when you do it right. The ease of creation, cost effectiveness, and flexibility of this marketing tool makes it the perfect way to get your name in front of as many targeted prospects as possible.