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Calendar Templates That Allow You To Print Custom Calendars

Calendar Templates That Allow You To Print Custom Calendars

Printing custom calendars can seem a daunting challenge when you consider that you not only have to design the monthly images but also the calendar date grids. Fortunately, calendar templates make it easy for you to print custom calendars – when you choose the right ones. There are two main kinds of calendar templates, and each offers various degrees of customization. The first is free or paid pre-designed calendar templates. These templates are already ready-to-go, and you can customize each monthly image. The benefit of these types of calendar templates is that most of the work is already done for you. However, the level of customization is severely limited. The other kind of calendar template is the calendar layout template. If you really want to be able to control the look and feel of your calendar, you need to start with a calendar layout template. The following details what you need to look for in a great calendar layout template to ensure success on the printing press.

Pre-designed grids

One of the best parts of calendar templates is that you can select those with pre-designed grids. Choose from a variety of different types of grid boxes and customize with your own colors and lettering styles. The major benefit here is that you do not have to spend tedious hours setting up and positioning your date grids.

Helpful guidelines

As mentioned, the position of your design is important. One of the mistakes many amateurs make is setting up their files sizes at the same sizes of the finished product. Doing so means you will have a white border around your entire calendar because you didn't leave room for bleeds and cuts; and you risk cutting off part of your design. Great calendar templates are already sized correctly and have helpful guidelines for your bleeds (how far background colors, patterns and images extend to the border), cut lines (where your finished calendars will be sliced) and safe area (where your major design elements have to be).

Color mode, resolution and compatibility

It's also important to make sure your calendar templates are already available in the correct color mode, CMYK and resolution – typically 300dpi. In addition, it is a good idea to make sure you can open your templates in your favorite graphic editing program. In most cases, PDF templates are the right choice. Your calendar template can be your bottom layer and you layer your design elements over it, then simply delete the template layer when your design is complete.

Free downloads from your online printing company

Last but not least, your online printing company should offer free downloads for calendar templates. Not only will they be free, they will work perfectly with your printer's printing presses and finishing processes. Get started by downloading your free calendar templates today, and you'll save time, money and hassles and end up with a better calendar at the same time.