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CD/DVD Sleeves for Bands/Musicians

CD and DVD distribution is one of the most important promotional tools for bands and musicians. Most bands and musicians hand out CDs for free or sell them at performances. The appearance and design of both the CD/DVD and its sleeve play a big part in whether it will be listened to or bought by the potential customer. resources imageLike any other company or organization, bands and musicians must operate with sound business principles. As such, producing quality promotional materials at the lowest possible cost is important. In CD and DVD distribution, one of the highest costs comes from the cases used to package the media. Plastic jewel cases are not cheap, even when bought in large quantities. Also, they are not overly durable and can crack even before being distributed. CD/DVD sleeves offer an affordable and durable alternative to using jewel cases for distributing your discs.

Select a sleeve

There are a number of options you can choose from when having your CD/DVD sleeves printed. One of the first, and possibly most important, is the style of sleeve that you want to use. You can choose from the basic sleeve that you just slide your disc into, or you can choose a fancy sleeve with a flap. Basic sleeves cost less to produce and all information that you want to convey is printed in the most visible areas - on the front or back. At the same time, you are limited to front and back printing on basic sleeves, leaving room for a logo, song list and little more. Sleeves with flaps can look a bit more professional and offer substantially more space for your marketing messages. Flaps offer more creative layout options for your images and text.

Choose high-quality paper

Once you have decided on your sleeve style and the design, have your CD/DVD sleeves printed on high-quality professional 12-point gloss cover stock with glossy sheen on both sides. This will help you stand out from the competition, increasing the likelihood that your music will get played or you will get hired. Colorful, creative sleeve design enhances your overall image and can determine whether your CD or DVD is opened and listened to or viewed. resources imageKeep in mind that the more sleeves you print, the cheaper your cost per piece becomes; so make sure you print enough to cover all of your CDs and DVDs at once to avoid paying additional press setup fees. Printing a higher volume of CD and DVD sleeves now saves money instead of printing multiple batches periodically. Whether you're a headliner or a garage band, you want the best results for all your promotional materials so that you can achieve your musical goals. Professionally printed CD and DVD sleeves can help you get played, land more gigs, gain recognition and earn more money.