CD/DVD Sleeves for Press Kits

Aresources image press kit is a collection of marketing tools to help increase overall media exposure. When you develop your press kit, it is important to appreciate the value of the first impression. The critical importance of an effective promotional package must be understood. A well-developed press kit will elicit curiosity and heighten interest in what you are promoting. Many press kits include CDs and DVDs, which can hold digital data such as videos, music, documents, and other files that would be impossible or take up too much space in your pocket folder. The presentation of your message is nearly as important as the message itself, so printed CD and DVD sleeves add the perfect touch of class and professionalism.

CD/DVD sleeve design

Interesting CD/DVD sleeve design makes it more likely that your intended audience will view or listen to the contents. Professionally printed CD/DVD sleeves are affordable alternatives to plastic jewel cases. Consider the following design elements before you set to work creating your sleeve designs:

Color - Working with a full-color design will make the CD/DVD sleeve stand out from the rest. You want to create an attention-grabbing design that is aesthetically pleasing to showcase your message in the best possible light.

Finish - The finish of your sleeve should complement the design. A bright multi-colored sleeve can be that much more pleasing with a glossy finish, while a more subdued color palette can profit from a matte finish.

Proofs - Make sure you see a hardcopy proof before going to print. On occasion, the printed materials can look slightly different than the design. Before ordering your sleeves, check how they look.

Volume - As your order size increases, the price will go down. By ordering a larger quantity, CD/DVD sleeves become that much more cost efficient.

Advantages of using CD/DVD sleevesresources image

CD/DVD sleeves are more than just a way to store and protect your information. They can be used as a way to brand your organization. Full-color sleeves create interest and excitement about what you are promoting. They help increase and improve your visibility and reputation in a crowded marketplace. Using colors in the design of your sleeve can create a memorable experience, keeping your message at the forefront in the minds of your audience. As a portal to your important information, whether sales data, proposals, missions or audio and visual media, your CD/DVD sleeve should tell your customers who you are before they even take out the CD/DVD. Your products or services need to look their best to ensure that clients and customers see your eye for detail and high level of professionalism. Overall, a well-designed CD/DVD sleeve increases enthusiasm about you, your organization, and your products and services.