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Cheap Business Cards Can Kill Your Business

Your business card is a direct reflection of your company, no matter what size your business is. Gone are the days when the small business can pull some clip art together and run small batches of business cards off on their desktop printers. The advent of vibrant and affordable digital printing and design services has enabled small businesses to have stellar business cards - and not having one puts you a step behind your competitors. Cheap business cards can kill your business, while great business cards make it possible for even the sole proprietor to attend tradeshows and other industry events and compete with the largest corporations. The following are four elements you should never cut corners on when developing your business cards:


resources imageIf your business card design is cheap, then your company is cheap. At least, that's the impression your prospects will have when you hand them your card. If you are not a skilled graphic designer, hire one to create your business card. Today's professional designers are skilled, quick and affordable. Many of them are also knowledgeable in overall marketing and can help you develop a motivating tagline - or know a copywriter who can. Some companies such as PsPrint offer graphic services in addition to printing and are good resources to ensure your digital file features the right color combinations, shapes, fonts and styles to make your printed card look phenomenal.


No matter how good your desktop printer is, it can't possibly come close to matching the quality, consistency and color vibrance of professional printing ink. Digital printers have made short-run jobs extremely affordable, and are the perfect solution for small businesses who want to establish themselves as legitimate contenders. Unlike some desktop printer ink, professional ink won't smear the insides of your prospects' wallets - a surefire way not to get business.

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Store-bought desktop printer paper is flimsy and often has soft, perforated edges that look amateurish. Make sure your business cards are printed on sturdy, professional-grade 14-point or super-thick 16-point paper. It's about more than looks: Sturdy business cards transfer thoughts of sturdy companies, which is an asset every time you hand your business card to someone.


Desktop printer paper is plain and dull, or - even worse - so glossy it's practically blinding. Rather than hassle with these expensive papers, you should have your professional printer use a paper with a matte or glossy coating. Professional paper has just the right amount of coating to add a soft matte or striking gloss, which adds a touch of elegance, class and professionalism to any card. Remember, your business card is your No. 1 marketing tool. If you want your company to look professional, reliable and credible, you must take great care not to cut corners with your business card. Paying a little for your business card design and professional printing and finishing services now can pay big dividends in the future.