Cheap Green Marketing

Kermit said it isn't easy being green, but perhaps the jaded amphibian was wrong. Maybe it is indeed easy being green, at least when you're talking about green marketing. Everyone is going green these days, because it saves the environment, meets customer demand and increases income. That's right - you don't have to spend a fortune to adopt eco-friendly marketing strategies. Instead, you can take advantage of cost-savings measures while increasing business by catering to your clientele with cheap green marketing.

Print green

resources imageThe first step to cheap green marketing is to incorporate green printing practices. Start with recycled matte paper stock for your business cards, panel cards, sales data sheets, greeting cards, brochures, newsletters, postcards, booklets and calendars. Have your marketing materials printed with eco-friendly soy ink, which emits far fewer enviro-toxins than traditional petroleum-based inks. Opt for electronic proofs to save paper and delivery emissions. Printing green marketing materials is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get cheap green marketing (compare prices instantly at PsPrint).

Take to the streets

If you're marketing in a local area, skip the gas-burning, pollution-churning automobiles and hop on your bicycle or go for a stroll to distribute posters, rack cards, brochures and door hangers. Make it fun and invite employees, co-workers, family and friends to come along - you'll get help, healthy, save the environment and save gas money!

Recycle old materials

resources image

Recycle old materials, paper, aluminum, plastic, and more to save the environment and save even more money. Many communities provide free recycling pick-up as opposed to paid garbage services. Recycling makes smart business sense. Another way to recycle is to create your marketing materials for sustainability. For example, you might print a large-format vinyl banner on vinyl mesh and have it reinforced with hems and grommets since this type of banner can last for years. As you can see, it really doesn't cost any more to go green with your marketing strategies. Eco-friendly printing is extremely affordable through online printing companies such as PsPrint, manually distributing materials saves on emissions and gasoline, and recycling protects the environment and saves money. Your next step? Be proactive and include "going green" tips on a portion of your marketing materials to encourage your customers to go green, too!