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Christmas Cards That Generate Business

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Sending business Christmas cards is a great way to connect with your customers and maintain your relationships over the holiday season. But you can go above and beyond simply letting customers know you appreciate their business by offering incentives that both reward your customers for their loyalty and generate business for your company. The following details what you need to know to design Christmas cards that generate business.

Make it relevant and personal

One of the best ways to get customer attention is to design your Christmas cards relevant and personal. Doing so helps you connect with your target audience above and beyond the level you could achieve with generic Christmas cards, and will open doors for generating business with other techniques. You can print your Christmas cards relevant to your customers by building a theme around their interests. If you run a hardware and you're targeting men who like sports, for example, you could make a card that demonstrates how your snow blowers make clearing walks so fast that your customers won't miss kickoff. Personalize your business Christmas cards by addressing envelopes to each individual recipient and by including personal notes inside.

Give or offer something special

A great incentive is all your target audience needs to take action, so show your appreciation for your customers by giving away something free or detailing an incredible offer in your business Christmas cards. Coupons, free merchandise, discounts, VIP programs and other incentives can motivate action by bringing customers to your location or website. Make sure your offer is time-limited and has a tracking mechanism so you can get the best response rate in the shortest amount of time while measuring the results.

Let customers “regift”

The Christmas season is a time of sharing and giving, so what better way to recruit new customers than to have your best customers do it for you? Craft a unique and splendid offer that can be shared and that benefits the “gifter.” For example, a clothing retailer might send out a 20 percent discount coupon to its best customers, good for a special sale day. Each coupon would have a space on the back for, say, up to five names, addresses and email addresses to be written on. For each friend the recipient brings to the sale (that makes a purchase), an additional 5 percent is taken off all of their purchases. In this manner, you could earn five new customers (plus contact information) and each would have an incentive to buy at up to a 45 percent discount. The long-term possibilities of such a campaign are enormous. Business Christmas cards are a tradition, but you don't have to be traditional when it comes to employing them as marketing devices. Thank your customers for their loyalty, yes, but don't waste such a grand opportunity to generate business – now and for future prosperity.