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Club Card Flyer Marketing Strategies

Club card flyer marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to draw a crowd to your venue or event. Successful club card flyer marketing is contingent on the strength of four key factors: design, copy, printing and distribution. Your club card flyer design should be scintillating, your copy should be concise yet exhilarating, your printing should be of superb quality yet affordable, and your distribution must hit your most relevant audience with a highly targeted message. The following club card flyer marketing strategies will help you attract a paying audience and increase your profit margin:

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Be creative

Tap into your creative reservoir to develop a club card flyer that gets noticed and gets results. Club card flyers present the perfect opportunity for intelligent use of creative devices. If you're promoting a mystery dinner theater, for example, you could create a club card that poses a question and promises to solve the "mystery" at the theater. Or how about promoting a blues festival with a club card flyer die cut into the shape of a guitar? There are literally thousands, if not millions, of creative concepts you can employ in your club card flyer marketing strategy. To help identify the best direction to take your club card flyers, jot down all of your ideas in a brainstorming session and then let them simmer a bit before returning to finalize your decision.

Add value

Add value to your club card flyers whenever possible. This could be something simple such as a map, directions or seating chart on the back; or more elaborate such as a perforated tear-away coupon, VIP pass or take-home upcoming event schedule. resources imageTo turn your club card flyer into a lead-generation device, you could add a small tear-away survey. To motivate response, you would have your prospects fill out contact and demographic information, tear off the tab and enter it into a drawing for a prize at your event. With this marketing technique you simultaneously add value to your club card flyer and build your mailing list.

Don't forget your offer and call to action

You don't need coupons and tear-aways to have an offer (though such devices do motivate response). In fact, the atmosphere of your venue or the entertainment at your next show is your offer. In other words, you're offering satisfying enjoyment in exchange for your audience's presence (and dollars). Don't forget to include a call to action. What does your audience need to do to get tickets? Where should they go? You have to tell your audience how to take the next step in the purchasing process to maximize your return on investment.

Distribute intelligently

Once you've developed a highly targeted club card flyer, you have to get it to your audience. Understand where your audience goes and distribute your club card flyers in the most relevant places at the most relevant times. Some resources suggest that you should begin distributing your club card flyers three to four weeks before your event, but it really depends on your audience. If you're promoting a venue that offers nightly entertainment to weekender tourists, for instance, then you're better off having your street team distribute flyers as they get off the bus. In this scenario, the offer is timeless and the customers constantly change. On the other hand, if you're promoting an annual or one-time event, you do need to begin distributing club card flyers weeks in advance to generate interest. Here are a few ways to distribute club card flyers:

With a street team (person-to-person hand-outs) On public/organization bulletin boards Under vehicle windshield wipers In mailed coupon packs In newspapers/magazines Hotel and restaurant racks, counters, stands, etc. Visitor centers Chambers of commerce Clubs and other organizations

With the right creative strategy, your club card flyers can boost event and venue attendance exponentially. Keep these creative club card flyer marketing tips in mind and brainstorm a few of your own to impress your audience, increase your return on investment and raise the roof with your profit margin.