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Comparing Business Card Paper Stocks

Business Card Paper Stocks

Your business card conveys a lot of information about you, your company and brand, and your products and services. That information is relayed not just in the design and text printed on your business card, but also in your business card paper stock. Your choice of paper has a direct effect on how your finished business card looks and feels, which in turn have a direct effect on how potential customers perceive you and your company. There are several business card paper stocks available, so it's important to select the one that best represents you. The following offers a comparison between popular business card paper stocks so you can make the best choice for your brand. 16-point C2S gloss cover business card stock Perfect for big, bold brands; this business card paper stock is thick and heavy, which lends a sense of quality. A sleek glossy finish makes 16-point C2S feel polished and contemporary, even “new age,” in customers' hands. It's a great business card for businesses that refused to be ignored. 14-point C2S gloss cover business card stock Perhaps the best all-around business card stock, just about any business can print 14-point C2S glossy business cards and feel proud to hand them out at the next trade show or customer meeting. It's a little bit thinner and lighter than 16-point C2S, but it's also a little bit cheaper; business cards are affordable to print, but if you have to run a job for your entire department 14-point C2S gloss cover business cards are an economical solution that still look great. 13-point recycled matte cover business card stock Matte business card stocks lend a sense of sophistication and elegance to your brand; moreover, the fact that this paper is recycled means you can have eco-friendly business cards without sacrificing print color and quality. A lot of businesses today are going for the super-glossy look, so 13-point recycled matte business cards will help your business stand out with a more subtle sheen. 14-point C1S gloss cover business card stock The “C1S” in this paper's name means it's only coated on one side, which makes it the perfect business card paper stock for anyone who routinely needs to write on the back of their business cards. If you often share personal numbers and other information on the back of business cards, set appointment reminder dates and times, or simply find business cards to be perfect branded note-givers, 14-point C1S gloss cover is the business card paper stock for you. 15-point velvet cover business card stock Perhaps the most luxurious business card stock; as its name suggests, this type of business card paper features a velvety finish. It's also a thick, heavy card. That added weight combined with a soft feel makes this an excellent business card for professionals who need to build trust, as “soft and heavy” subconsciously signal customers to lend their trust. Uncoated business card stock Finally, you might want to consider uncoated business cards to help brand your company with tradition and elegance. Uncoated business cards stand out from coated business cards and are incredibly noticeable for their unique texture. Moreover, they're easy to write on. Uncoated business cards, formally the norm, went by the wayside with the introduction of digital printing and glossy paper stocks; however, they're making a comeback for their ability to command attention. Other business card printing considerations In addition to your business card text, design, and business card stock, you can take advantage of features such as foil stamping, unique shapes, UV and aqueous coatings, and even non-standard sized business cards (jumbo, slim and square, for example) to help brand your company and set yourself in a class above the competition.