Cool Design Ideas for Flyers

resources imageIt isn't difficult to find inspiration for flyer design: a quick jaunt online will yield literally thousands of example designs from numerous sources. The topic is so broad that it can't possibly be covered in entirety by one source; indeed, several blogs are devoted to flyer design alone. Still, there are certain flyer design styles you can consider for just about any client project. Read on for some cool design ideas for flyers.

Small strips

In most cases, the adage bigger is better applies to flyers. But sometimes it pays to tone it down a bit, especially if you're promoting an exclusive VIP event or opportunity. To give your flyer a feel of exclusivity, try designing it as a 2-inch to 3-inch tall, 11-inch wide strip. With proper placement, these small strips will be noticed by the discerning eyes of your target audience, and they'll intrigue imaginations to encourage action.

resources image

Flashback flyers

If it worked before, it will probably work again. This is the mantra of some designers who like to create flyers in a retro vein. You can emulate anything from ancient Roman posters and B-movie sketches to the psychedelic '60s and the pop culture '80s with your flyer designs. This is a great tool for evoking emotions and targeting a specific audience, especially if that audience was young and impressionable when your chosen design style was originally popular.

Die-cut shapes

All flyers do not have to be rectangles and squares. Some of the coolest flyer design ideas call for circular flyers or cut-outs around design elements, such as a city view or animal. Imagine how much more your flyer design would stand out with cut-out palms trees, letters, buildings, a silhouette or any number of natural shapes. Die cuts also help you blend and contrast your flyer designs with your background whether it's a brick wall, a window, a painted texture or a bulletin board.

Web 2.0 flyers

If you're familiar with the large font, designer boxes and simplistic layouts of Web 2.0, you can transfer those same ideas to your flyer design. This style of flyer design is a cool way to showcase technology, communications and consulting companies. Or, go with Web 2.0 style bubbles and illustrations to market clothing, jewelry and other retail companies.

Illustrated flyers

Often the flyers that get the most attention are those that impress viewers with cool illustrations that seem otherworldly. You can illustrate your flyer designs as cartoons, caricatures or alien worlds that are sure to turn heads whenever potential customers pass by. No matter what flyer design style you use, keep in mind that how you print your flyers plays a major role in how the finished product appears. Premium paper such as a heavy-duty 16-point cover stock with a glossy finish influences your colors so they pop with brilliance and provide mood to your artwork, so it helps to know how you'll have your flyer printed before you begin your design.