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Cool Ways to Market Your Business with Magnets

Cool Ways to Market Your Business with Magnets_v3

Magnets are incredibly powerful tools for marketing any business, largely due to their longevity, diversity and economical pricing. Magnets are eye-catchers, perhaps more than just about any other marketing material, because they can be deployed on any magnetic surface. What's more, they tend to last longer than stickers due to their relatively heavy backing, so you can get more bang for your buck from magnets than, say, even business cards can offer. However, the ease of which magnets can be utilized as marketing tools is no excuse for laziness. The more creative your magnet design and distribution, the more powerful your message will be; ergo, the more responses you will receive and the more sales you will land. And of course, more sales mean more profit for you. With that in mind, try some of the following cool ways to market your business with magnets.

On public property

You'll need permission for this, of course, and perhaps you can strike an awesome ad deal with city hall to do it, but if you can get your magnets on the side of city vehicles, on city light posts and on the counters at city offices, you can make a lasting impression on almost any target audience. The goal here is to position your magnets somewhere out of the ordinary, which will help you be noticed more than if you distributed magnets, say, on refrigerators. You might even turn this into a game – make your magnet a coupon and offer a huge discount to anyone who retrieves it from its public position and brings it back to your store. Launch a scavenger hunt with clues for it, and you'll probably get awesome free media exposure as well!

On customer cars

Create a customer incentive program to place your magnets on their cars – either on their doors, bumpers or tailgates – and reward them for each mile driven with your magnet on-board. The honor system is involved to an extent, sure, but if you can come up with a points program that allows for discounts off of purchases for every mile driven you will have more than a few loyal customers who will give your magnets plenty of mileage – and your business plenty of traffic.

As charity donations

There are probably several local high school sports teams, bands, organizations and other causes you can print schedules on magnets for. Offer to do the printing free of charge in return for some ad space on the schedule, and you can get your local school system to distribute your advertisement for you – on nearly every fridge door and filing cabinet in the city – absolutely free. This is a priceless way to give and receive!

As helpful computer shortcut reminders

Print postcard-size magnets with added value, such as computer keyboard shortcut reminders for favorite software programs. These can be stuck on the side of computer towers, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces in an office environment so employees and managers can quickly access time-saving information that will help them do their jobs better. Naturally, they'll also be able to quickly access your company when they need the products and services you provide.