Corporate Identity Trends

resources imageNeed a corporate identity and don't know what to put in it? The traditional promotional materials are always necessary, but today designers and programmers are connecting to add new media to the old corporate identity package. Here's a brief guide to what should — and what could — be included in your next corporate identity package: Should

  • Logo — This is the cornerstone of your corporate identity, and will be on everything you publish in print or online.
  • Presentation folder — This is where you store all the vital information to carry to and from meetings and to hand to customers. Opt for a professionally designed presentation folder printed on solid 12-point glossy stock for exceptional corporate presentation. Inside pockets can be die cut so that your business cards fit neatly inside.
  • Business cards — The go-to marketing tool for every employee you have. Quality printers carry thick business card stocks such as super-thick 16-point gloss, which makes your colors pop right off the card; or 13-point matte, which adds a softer touch for more personal agencies. Some printers such as PsPrint carry recycled matte paper so you get the added benefit of going green.resources image
  • Letterhead and envelopes — All companies need good letterhead and envelopes for communicating with customers, other companies, the media and even for inter-office communications. The better your stationary feels in their hands, the better your company will look, so see if you can find a printer that carries premium and professional stationery stock. Get envelopes and second sheets to match to guarantee a sleek, uniform look.


  • PowerPoint presentation — Some designers are creating custom PowerPoint presentations to accompany the standard corporate identity package. You might want to have a slit die cut into your presentation folders to hold your PowerPoint DVD or CD-ROM, or have separate professional CD or DVD sleeves printed - especially if the PowerPoint will be for private prospect use.
  • Websites — Companies today are creating websites that complement their corporate identity package, and it only makes sense to develop them side by side. You might even consider setting up special URLs for customers to visit after you've given a specific presentation.
  • Brochures — Many corporate identity packages include brochures, and for good reason - they're the friendliest and perhaps most personal marketing material around. There are many brochure sizes and folding options available, and it doesn't hurt to go a little large to stand out from the competition.
  • E-mail template — This goes hand-in-hand with a corporate website and includes a standard header and style for corporate communications. It's like the letterhead of the Internet.

Now that you know what needs to be in your corporate identity package, all you need is great design and engaging copy to craft a compelling kit that's sure to land big sales. Keep in mind that corporate identity packages are most economical when printed in bulk, and that means that the more you print, the cheaper each package is to put in front of a potential customer.