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Creating a Better Business Card

resources imageA business card isn't just about your contact information. A business card is about selling your products and services. If you're not putting your 2.5-inch by 3-inch business card to work for you as your No. 1 marketing tool, you're wasting time and money by losing targeted prospects who are not giving your card a second glance. Creating a better business card requires you to re-think the ultimate purpose of your card. Here are a few tips for creating a better business card that sells for you:

Reveal your business

Your business card should embody your message and reveal what your business is all about. This means that your design and text must work together to let prospects know what you sell - and why they should make a purchase from you. Use colors that evoke emotions associated with your business: Perhaps a soothing lavender for a nursing home, a robust royal blue for an investment firm or a bright green and yellow for a florist.

Unique selling pointresources image

Create a motivating tagline that demonstrates your company's unique selling point. What do you offer that your competitors don't, or what can you do better than your competitors? Do you offer 24/7 customer support, or a money-back guarantee? Do you have the fastest delivery or highest ratings, or have you earned a recognized industry award for your efforts? Make sure you let them know right away.

Add value

The longer your prospects keep your business card, the more likely it is that your business card will make a sale for you. Add value to your business card by using the back and including a coupon, referral program bonus or special offer such as a punch card for a discount once all the punches are full. You could also add a favorite event schedule or an informative chart or graph. Make sure you understand your target audience and include something that the majority of them will find useful enough to carry with them for months at a time.

Call to action

Your business card's elements must work together to create a call to action. Give your prospects a reason to call you, visit your physical location or visit your website. Often, your call to action works hand-in-hand with your tagline or your value-added elements. Your call to action could be to visit a website with a special offer for cardholders, for instance; or you could tell prospects to specifically call you for a 10 percent discount or other bonus. Take advantage of your features and benefits, and give your prospects a compelling reason to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Ask for advice

When designing your own business card, it's difficult to be objective; however, you should never send any promotional marketing materials to the press without having a fresh set of trusted eyes take a look at it. Friends, family, co-workers and even clients or your printer can offer valuable insight to help you fine-tune your business card and make it the most effective' salesperson it can be. If your business card doesn't include these elements, you're probably missing out on your fair share of responses. Boost your company's image by creating a better business card, and you'll reap the long-term benefits of a professional and credible business.