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Create Your Own Custom Return Address Labels

Create your own custom return address labels

Printing custom return address labels can help your brand your company and present customers and business partners with a consistent image that helps establish trust and credibility. But not all custom return address labels are created equal. The following details what you need to look for in custom return address labels that attract attention for your correspondence, put a formidable face on your company, and ultimately help you increase sales.

Attention-getting prowess

One of the most important aspects of your custom return address labels is their ability to command attention. This where the power of customization comes in, as you can eschew plain black and white text in exchange for a dynamic design and shape that captivates minds right out of the mailbox. You can employ several strategies to boost the attention-getting prowess of your custom return address labels. The first is your design: color backgrounds, unique and bold (yet easy to read) fonts, creative borders, and symbols and images (such as your logo) all work to make a custom return address label more viable. Take advantage of sheet sticker printing technology to make your custom return address labels stand out instantly. Instead of the typical rectangle shape, try a circle or rounded corners. You could also try die-cut stickers and shape your custom return address labels just like your logo. Also, don't forget that there is no law stating custom return address labels have to be horizontal in nature – you can make yours vertical to help demonstrate how your company is different from the competition. A custom return address label size can likewise go a long way toward captivating customer attention. Instead of the usual top left corner size, go with a return address label that covers a third of the entire envelope with a bold, attention-getting color. You can also use the additional space to highlight key selling points for your company and brand. Finally, you can even position your custom return address labels as direct marketing devices. Use the bottom of your return address labels to reveal a special promo code for a discount on your website or to be used in conjunction with the materials inside your letter. Use the power of design to draw attention to your special offer, and you will increase open rates exponentially.


Despite the best efforts of the postal service, it is fair to say that letters take a beating – and there's nothing worse than investing in an outstanding custom return address label only to have it ruined in transit. That's why durability is so important. For best results, opt for a professional, high-quality sticker paper stock that will maintain label integrity throughout the entire trip. These papers feature glossy UV coating that not only helps keep your paper intact, but also resists scratching and marring of your design – they actually brighten it with a brilliant sheen – so that your correspondence arrives with a fresh, professional, impressive brand image affixed to it every time.