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Creative Ideas for Business Booklets That Lead to Sales

Creative Ideas for Business Booklets

Business booklets are exciting ways to engage customers in learning more about their passions while promoting your products and services. With the right strategy, your business booklets can generate excellent returns on investment. The following lists several creative ideas for business booklets that lead to sales. Creative concepts for business booklets The first thing your business booklets need to accomplish is to establish relevancy for and interest from your target customer base. One excellent strategy is to create a “how-to” business booklet that helps customers enjoy their passions or take advantage of your products and services. A good example would be a pet store that prints business booklets for a variety of related subjects: how to set up and maintain saltwater aquariums, care and grooming guide for poodles, etc. Another good example would be a search engine marketing company that prints a business booklet explaining, step-by-step, the process to set up a winning search engine marketing campaign. Your content should be simple and easy to read, with plenty of headlines and subheads and short sentences and paragraphs. Include plenty of large full-color photos, diagrams, charts and other visual elements to keep your customers excited about turning the page. Consider your business and how you can help your customers reach their goals, and then develop a creative business booklet concept that presents this information in a way that also presents opportunities to showcase your products and services. Creative marketing for business booklets Business booklets should not be rolling advertisements; if they are, they will lose value and your customers won't want them. Instead, your business booklets should include helpful content. Only market your products and services when your content presents opportunities to do so. Using our saltwater aquarium guide, for example, the section that deals with tank cleaning might mention one or two products that are recommended for easy cleaning. Another great way to get your products or services seamlessly involved in your business booklet content is through information boxes and comparison charts. Our saltwater aquarium guide might include a content section on tank substrate – sand, crushed coral, ocean pebbles, rocks, etc. Each of these products could be highlighted in a comparison chart on the same page to show the features and benefits of each, make recommendations based on specific tank conditions, and list prices to help customers make the best choices for their own fish tanks. In this manner, you're not overtly marketing – instead, you're providing helpful information to help your customers make the best decisions. Finally, at the end (or middle, depending on your printing layout) of your business booklets, you might include coupons for your establishment or a voucher for a free consultation or other service. These coupons would be clearly separate from your content, and thus would prove to be valuable to your customers. Create business booklet distribution Once your business booklets have been printed, you need to get them in the hands of customers. You can hand them out at counters or trade shows, send them via direct mail, or even sell them – but remember if they're free they'll reach more customers. The end goal is to motivate sales, not sell booklets, and with that in mind the best strategy is to develop a winning, demographic and customer list based direct-mail marketing campaign. When you follow the strategies listed here and invest in affordable yet premium business booklet printing, you're almost guaranteed a healthy return on investment.