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Creative Mini Business Card Design Essentials

Mini business cards are the hot, new way to attract attention to your business, brand your company's products and services, and solicit direct sales from eager audiences. But there's more to mini business card marketing than simply plastering your name and number on a smallish business card - you have to go above and beyond to captivate and command attention to draw your prospects in. To that end, you can implement the following creative mini business card design essentials.

Color blast

resources imageMini business cards are noteworthy for their size. Bigger isn't always better, but the anomaly is always an attention-getter. Still, their small stature can make it easy for mini business cards to get lost in the shuffle, so you can boost the attention-getting prowess of your designs with a color blast. Bright colors such as yellow, red, baby blue and vibrant green will help your mini business cards stand out, especially when coupled with complementary colors that your customers find attractive (visually appealing aesthetics beg to be looked at and admired). An equally effective method is to contrast your text or graphic elements against your background. If you have a dark background, your text and graphics should be bright; conversely, if you have a bright background, your test and graphics should be dark. This is a one-two punch technique employed by many seasoned graphic designers who understand you don't have to be complex to be effective.

Keep it simple

When it comes to mini business cards, you don't have a lot of room for design work - which is why you should keep your designs simple. This doesn't mean that they have to be drab, but minimal graphic elements such as a single logo, and minimal text, such as one or two lines, is all you need to brand your company and even motivate direct sales. resources imageUse plenty of white space to separate your elements, which is especially vital given your limited design area. Opt for larger fonts so customers don't have to squint to read your mini business cards, and highlight critical information such as your name, number, e-mail address and URL for maximum return on investment potential.

Use the back

The back of your mini business card represents valuable real estate that should never be wasted. You can employ the back to expand on your pitch, offer a discount coupon or coupon code, add value with a handy schedule, calendar or conversion chart, or highlight a couple of products or services customers should be interested in. And never leave your mini business cards as simple brand devices - make sure you include an offer and call to action on the back (you can even tease to it from the front) to realize your mini business card's full sales potential.

Shape it up

A final note on an important technique you can use to amp up the attraction level of your mini business cards: have them die cut into a unique shape. Your shape could be relevant to your business, such as a dog for a pet grooming service; or it can simply help your business card stand out, such as an angled parallelogram for a tech company.