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Custom Labels for School Pride

Custom Labels for Schools

Have you ever considered how custom labels and lend a sense of school pride on all of your communications – and even raise funds for your school, team, club or organization? The following explains why every school, from elementary to junior high to high school to university – should consider using custom labels and the many benefits of doing so. Custom labels for school pride It's no secret that branding is important to business success, but it is equally important to brand your school in order to project your image to the community or even the nation. Custom labels for addressing envelopes are a great way to brand all of your communications so that all correspondence is immediately recognized as coming from an institution of excellence. You can also include stickers in with correspondence to encourage alumni to affix them to everything from the laptops to the automobile bumpers. This is how custom labels can be used to invoke school pride. Custom labels on your correspondence strikes fear into opponents and lends a sense of pride to alumni, so that they are far more likely to open your correspondence and, ultimately, volunteer or make a donation. Your custom labels do not have to be difficult to make, either. Simply download a free label design template (you can have it die cut in any shape or go with a standard shape), and have your graphic designer place your school logo and address on it. There's really nothing to it, and the investment is minimal for the potential return. Custom labels for school fundraising Custom labels also serve as excellent fundraising options for schools, teams, bands, clubs and other organizations. As mentioned, simply having a custom label on your correspondence vastly increases the chances that charitable alumni will notice and open your communication – and thus vastly increases the likelihood that fundraising letter campaigns will be successful. But that's not the only way custom labels can be employed to raise money. Many students, faculty, and alumni would love to have their own custom labels emblazoned with their alma mater's logo next to their names and addresses. Thus, you can sell custom labels to this well-targeted audience to raise funds for your school or organization. Or, you can take the approach many other organizations have already tried with great success – simply send alumni custom labels for free with a request for donation. The labels are cheap, and research has shown that this is a highly effective direct-mail marketing strategy when correctly applied. As you can see, custom labels are a great way to elicit school pride as well as private donations to fund school, team, band, club and organization activities. Now it's your turn to brainstorm other ways in which custom labels can be used to benefit your school. With a bit of creativity, you can turn custom labels into an incredibly cheap yet amazingly effective way to help your school.