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Custom Magnet Design and Printing Tips

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Custom magnets are a great way to market your business because they can be so strategically deployed – on refrigerators, on cars, on filing cabinets, on public property (with permission) and more. Deployment is only part of the equation, as it is equally important that you design and print custom magnets to increase your return on investment and boost sales. The following custom magnet design and printing tips will help you do just that.

Remember your target audience

Just like any other marketing medium, custom magnets must be designed to attract attention. Your custom magnet's design should capture your target audience and make their eyes flow to the most important information. Start by choosing a theme that is relevant and resonates with your audience, and incorporating an image, symbol or graphic that will quickly turn heads. Use large text in bold, contrasting colors that match the mood of your message to entice your audience to read your entire magnet.

Get in shape

Use plenty of white space and don't be afraid to design and print large magnets. Business card- and square-size magnets work will in small deployment areas, while postcard-size magnets work for larger applications. Postcard-size magnets can work anywhere, even in small applications. Size does matter, and often the bigger, the better. Do not design your magnets with a lot of text, as most readers will not take the time to read it. Instead, make use of powerful, large headlines that make your point. Brand your company, products or services with a logo. Include a special offer and call to action to get the most out of your magnet marketing.

Add some accents

Schedules, charts, graphs, and other devices work well on magnets provided they are not so large and complicated that they are difficult to follow. If you want to compare your company's product or service to others, choose two competitors to chart a comparison or a collective “the other guys” comparative column so your design isn't overloaded with numbers. You can add accents to your design by framing it with a border, and through the use of symbols and shapes. Again, white space is your friend so don't overdo it – you want your target audience to find value in your magnet so they will be glad to place them in positions of prominence and keep them there for a long time.

Use a layout template

When you get to the printing process, it's a good idea to place your design on a pre-formatted layout template to ensure your positioning matches with your printer's press. Such templates have helpful layout guidelines and come in the correct sizes, color modes, and resolution so all you have to do is lay out your design and remove the guideline layer before you print.

Use a UV coating

Consider getting a durable UV coating on your magnets to help them last longer, especially if your magnets include a schedule or long-standing discount offer. Make sure you double-check your proof before you print your entire run to ensure accuracy.