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Custom Sticker Printing Brands Your Company

resources imageCustom sticker printing is a fast way to brand any company, especially if you can brainstorm creative distribution strategies that put your stickers where they are least expected. This way you catch customers off-guard, and they'll be more likely to remember your sticker and your company when they're ready to make a purchase. Here are some tips and tricks for using custom sticker printing to brand your company in a flash.

Die-cut stickers are attention-getters

Circles and rectangles are, well, pretty square when it comes to sticker marketing these days. Instead of such traditional shapes, opt for unique and eye-catching die cuts that are out of the ordinary. If your logo has a unique shape, you can have custom stickers printed to match. If you're a dog supply company, you can print bumper stickers in the shape of a dog bone. No matter what industry you're in, you can undoubtedly come up with a custom sticker shape that's either relevant to your industry or to the specific message your stickers deliver. This relevancy will influence your customers.

High contrast sticker colors can't be ignored

It's no secret that contrast commands attention, and stickers are the perfect medium to deploy this marketing design technique to capture customers. Your sticker colors can contrast with one another or they can contrast with their placement backgrounds if you know where they'll be placed, such as a yellow sticker on a black wall. Text should contrast with your sticker background so it's easy to read from a distance - in this case, you might have black text on a yellow sticker on a black wall. You can employ multiple contrasting colors as long as your message - your readability factor - is not distorted or confusing. Always remember to keep it simple!

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Custom sticker printing for longevity

The best way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to custom sticker printing is to print for longevity by using high-quality, premium materials that will last. Once you have the right message and the right distribution points, the longer your stickers will endure the elements, the more ultimate branding power they'll have. Opt for premium gloss paper, UV-coated vinyl or UV-coated polyester for best results.

Creative sticker distribution for success

Depending on your target audience and your message there are a myriad of places you can deploy your custom stickers for the best return on investment. Remember that the element of surprise can outweigh mass distribution, so consider places like pizza boxes, popcorn and drink cartons, restroom stalls, retail floors, clothing, tables, chairs, vehicles, boats, and professional places as potential options. Filing cabinets and mirrors are good, but they don't beat the guy who figured out it would be a stellar idea to place mouthwash stickers on the ceilings above dentists' chairs.