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What Customers Buy on Presidents Day

resources imageUnless you sell Uncle Sam top hats, you might not have an answer for the question: "What do customers buy on Presidents Day?" Fact is, the vast majority of people don't treat Presidents Day any different than any other day of the year; and so their shopping habits are no different either. That means that customers literally buy everything in Presidents Day: There are no special obligatory purchases, as with flowers and jewelry on Valentine's Day. The important question you have to answer is: "Why do my customers buy on Presidents Day?"

Get to know your target audience

For starters, customers buy on Presidents Day because they have a problem you can solve or a desire you can fulfill. These are the reasons they buy any time of the year, so your strategy for getting your message and offer in front of your customers is the same. Start by knowing who your customers are and walking in their shoes until you completely understand your audience. Then, you can identify shared traits and compile a mailing list and message/offer platform.

Create a direct-mail marketing campaign

resources imageOnce you know who your customers are - and where they are - you can develop a direct-mail marketing campaign supplementing by other print, web and ad marketing strategies. Your campaign should include postcards, catalogs, brochures, flyers, door hangers, posters, banners, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the web, stickers, table tents and any other creative ideas that will help you blanket your market. Reaching your target audience is one thing, convincing them to make a purchase is quite another. Craft a can't-refuse offer to paste on your marketing materials. Thoroughly consider what will yield a high return on investment for you yet still qualify as an incredible offer for your customers. Make your offer time-limited to Presidents Day so you can get as many customers as possible by your deadline - and make it easier to track your campaign's rate of return. Fill your offer out with features and benefits, an urgent call to action and killer design. Work toward helping your customers feel comfortable about buying from you. Market early and often so you can brand your company, which will help build customer loyalty and trust. Everything else being equal, customers will buy from you because they trust that if they have a problem you will help them solve it. In fact, a guarantee or a reputation for excellent customer service is often worth a higher price tag to many customers. It doesn't matter if you sell video games or haircuts, accounting services or motorcycles - if you know your audience and can deliver a compelling offer on high-quality marketing materials, you're primed for success this Presidents Day. Track your rate of return and tweak future campaigns for success, and you'll be in a good position to make each Presidents Day- and every day of the year - better than the one before it!