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Design and Print Your Own RSVP Labels

RSVP labels

RSVP labels are powerful motivators that help guests remember to RSVP their attendance at your business event, holiday party, wedding ceremony and more. They're also great time-savers, but the best part is that you can make your own RSVP labels quick and easy when you follow these steps:

1. Decide what type of RSVP label you want to make (or both).  Some RSVP labels reminders are affixed to invitations or envelopes, while others are address labels that are affixed to envelopes or postcards for easy RSVP'ing. In tandem they work double duty to get more RSVPs. 

2. Decide your RSVP label shape and size. Choose your shape and size from a template library or have your RSVP labels custom die cut into a new shape or size. Try PsPrint’s sheet stickers, which are ideal for address labels. 

3. Download a free RSVP label layout template from PsPrint – These templates come pre-formatted in the proper color mode, resolution, shape and size; and they have helpful guidelines for layout to keep your design properly positioned. If you have a custom die cut RSVP label, you can get a matching template.

4. Design your RSVP label. Your RSVP label design depends on whether it will be a simple reminder to RSVP or an address label (when printing both, your designs should match one another for consistency). It can be as simple as your names and address or a quick line that says something such as “Please remember to RSVP!” Or, you can go all out with a unique background, full-color photos, or anything else you'd like to include. Be creative and set the tone of your event: traditional, themed, humorous, solemn, celebratory – whatever fits best!

5. Choose your RSVP label paper stock. The best RSVP label paper stocks are vinyl-backed or polyester-backed, which enhance durability to help your labels arrive fresh and clean after shipping. They also have a glossy UV coating, which likewise serve to protect your labels and adds a brilliant sheen that enriches your design colors. Opt for the kind that have crack ”˜n’ peel backing to make your job that much easier.

6. Order your RSVP label printing. Decide your quantity and turnaround time – the more you print, the cheaper your price per label will be, so make sure you order as many as you'll need to keep your printing investment low.

7. Print your RSVP labels. Place your order, and your RSVP labels will be printed and shipped directly to you. Depending on your chosen options, you could have them in your hands in as little as two days from now.