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Designing Business Bumper Stickers

resources imageCall them wacky, call them tacky, call them anything you want - but many companies call bumper stickers highly effective branding tools. As a marketing medium, business bumper stickers represent perhaps the most cost-effective way to get your brand in front of the masses. Once affixed, bumper stickers last for years - even decades - and their reach are only limited by the number of miles they're hosts are driven. A single bumper sticker can travel thousands of miles in a single day, spanning several states and millions of potential customers; yet you can print 1,000 3-inch by 11-inch bumper stickers for under 5 cents each. The only thing left to do is to design business bumper stickers that can't be ignored.

Bumper sticker colors

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Business bumper sticker colors should be attention getting, and the best way to match eye-catching colors is through contrast. Not only should your bumper sticker typeface contrast against your background, but your background should also contrast against the vehicle it's placed on. Most bumper stickers do not require more than two colors, though some could use as many as four. The simpler the better - remember that your audience could be driving by at 60 miles an hour, so your bumper stickers have to attract attention and deliver a memorable message in less than two seconds. Since your business bumper sticker will be placed on a large number of vehicles, opt for a background color that contrasts against the most popular car colors. Since the most popular car colors last year where white, black, silver and blue, a bright yellow would be a good background color selection. And, naturally, black typeface would contrast well against a yellow background.

Bumper sticker copy

Short and sweet is the key to successful business bumper sticker copy. A memorable line followed by a web URL or phone number is all you need: "Your tires are bad. Find out why. www.tireshop.com." Sometimes the URL alone will suffice, if it is interesting enough: "www.seewhyyourtiresarebad.com." And if your only goal is to brand your company, you can simply place your company name and/or logo on your business bumper sticker and leave the rest to imagination and memory.

Bumper sticker images

It is not imperative that bumper stickers have images. Images can clutter up your business bumper stickers and make them difficult to read or understand. If you must use images, stick to large, two-tone images with spacious lines so they can be easily recognized at a distance.

Bumper sticker fonts

Again, business bumper stickers must be easy to read, digest, understand and remember. The wrong font can make your audience squint to read your message - and probably ignore it altogether. Reading ease is a matter of great importance for transportation departments that place directional signs along the road, and thus their fonts have been tested and approved for high-speed reading. Your bumper stickers will benefit from the same features when you choose ]]>ClearviewHwy]]>, ]]>Din Mittel OT]]> or ]]>Interstate]]> as your business bumper sticker font.