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Designing and Printing Funeral Announcement Cards

Funeral announcement cards command special attention and call for you to tap into your creative design reserve to craft beautiful imagery that marks a somber event with respect and dignity. The following tips will help you do that when you design and print funeral announcement cards.

Design themes

resources imageThere are many themes you can explore when it comes to funeral announcement card designs. Many people choose religious scriptures, so a great many funeral announcement cards are designed to translate the tone of such scriptures into imagery. You can also explore other themes for funeral announcement cards, which can be as varied as the lives they commemorate. You can design funeral announcement cards for baseball fans, gardeners, golfers, avid readers, firefighters, comedians, musicians and any number of other hobbies, professions or personality types.

Design considerations

Naturally, you need to know the size of your funeral announcement cards in order to design for print. You'll also need to know the safe design areas, cutlines and bleed lines in addition to setting your document up in the proper color format and resolution. Fortunately, you can save time (and time is money) with free funeral announcement card layout templates, which come prepared with all of these elements so you can simply open up your file and start designing.

Printing options

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It pays to print funeral announcement cards with the right company. They must be printed with high-quality paper stocks and eco-friendly soy inks on state-of-the-art printing presses. Start with a super-thick 16-point gloss cover stock or 13-point recycled matte cover stock, the latter of which lends designs a subdued appearance with deep, rich colors that are perfect for honoring the deceased. You can also have your funeral announcement cards finished with a thick, protective UV coating that adds a layer of luster to your designs or include a foil stamp for a touch of prestige and elegance. If your cards will be folded, you can have your printer fold your announcement cards for you to save time and hassle, and order matching envelopes directly from your printer if needed.

Selling funeral announcement cards

If your funeral announcement cards are for sale, you can sell them online and in gift stores and supermarkets. However, perhaps the best place to find sales is by visiting churches and funeral homes and speaking to whomever handles funeral supplies. Grieving loved ones often rely on their churches and funeral homes to present them with their funeral options since going out and shopping could prove emotionally difficult. If your funeral announcement cards are of quality, funeral directors and clergy will likely present them as an option during funeral planning sessions. If you find that they do not wish to directly purchase your cards, see if you can sell them on consignment. It's a good idea to make a special box or display rack that directors and clergy can easily carry with them to show your funeral announcement cards. Successfully designing, printing and selling funeral announcement cards can be profitable if you take care to properly plan your venture and create designs that deliver a dignified message.