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Designs Inspired by Nature's Beauty

If you're ever stuck for inspiration, take a stroll in the woods, a swim at the beach, a climb at the cliffs-anything in nature. Mother Nature is the master of design, fusing form and function in perfect harmony. In nature you can find lines, swirls, patterns, gradients, and colors of such pure beauty that they captivate your customers if you can copy them to design. Mother Nature is the grand architect, and you can't go wrong by basing your designs off of her beauty.

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The plants are ripe with structural lines, incredible leaf patterns, luscious fruit and flower colors, and many other twists and patterns you can use in your designs. Take a magnifying glass to the woods or even just the flower garden to witness nature's design magic yourself.


The animal kingdom goes a step further, incorporating mechanical designs unmatched by mere humans. Let them inspire you to create flowing designs that seamlessly merge branches of your designs with very different functions. From the winged warriors of the mountains to the dangling lights of the deep blue sea, the animal kingdom offers many fanciful and practical design inspirations for your work.


The geological makeup of the Earth is filled with inspirational surprises, from the sweeping smooth patterns of sand dunes that give way to grainy, gritty textures to the roiling passion of lava that gives way to clean crisp obsidian. Look over the landscape to find inspiration in your vistas.

The sky's the limit

resources image Look to the skies for stellar inspiration day and night, from fluffy summertime clouds and unbroken blue skies to speckled stars and planetary swirls, the atmosphere and deep space beyond are incredible inspirational sources. Go beyond what you can see with the naked eye and pull up images from the Hubble telescope to get a glimpse of color supernovas, galaxies and other phenomena you can use as a basis for your designs.

Human nature

Finally, don't overlook humanity as a source of inspiration. Ancient peoples created great artworks that your modern-day works can be derivative of. Historical and current cultures different from your own can inspire with surprising passion. You might be familiar with Far Eastern styles, but what do you know of Peruvian works? Take the time to explore your world and the people who in habit it to apply a worldview approach to your designs. Inspiration doesn't come easy when you're stuck in a cubicle or behind a desk. Get out into the world, explore the power of design, understand why those designs work, and study the golden ration and how it applies to the natural world. Before you know it, your creative juices will be flowing again.