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Die-Cut Business Card Design Essentials

resources imageYour business card is more than just about you, it is you. It's what sets you apart from your competition and tells your customers why those differences make you the preferred choice. No other business card design technique commands more attention than having your business card die cut. Without even considering colors or reading your slogan, customers immediately understand that they're dealing with a different breed of company when you hand them a die-cut business card. To turn a curious potential customer into a loyal customer, your die-cut business card design should complement the shape of your card. The following die-cut business card design tips will help you craft the type of business card that doesn't just say who you are, but earns a response:

Pump up the creativity

Whether you're a small business owner or a professional graphic designer, chances are that part of your job is to determine the best shape for your die-cut business card. Don't stress out - this is the fun part! Jot down dozens of ideas that come to mind, from the mundanely subtle to the outrageously creative and everything in between. Die-cut business cards can be as simple as rounded corners to as complex as interior cut-outs for shapes and sizes. They can be inserted into miniature die-cut sleeves or folded to reveal text, colors or images beneath or any combination of these things. There's no limit to the power of human imagination, so apply it in force to your die-cut business card concepts before you settle on the perfect attention-grabber that accurately portrays your company's image.

Know the basics

Just because your die-cut business card design can test the limits, that doesn't mean you can abandon the basic design tenets. Use a color wheel to choose complementary colors that look great on paper. Use plenty of white space and include all the necessary business card elements: name, company, contact information, slogan, logo, etc. Then, spin these things into an amazing design that turns heads and solidifies itself in the minds of all who see it.

Design to theme, match to shape

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A complementary interior die-cut business card design works in harmony with the exterior shape and interior cut-outs. Use graphic elements, images, shapes, text and colors to create a matching theme within your shape that projects your company's image with impact. A circle-shaped die-cut business card could have a smiley face; conversely, a half-circle cut out of the middle of a business card could contain a smiley face.

Use a template

You can choose from hundreds of pre-formatted die-cut business card templates in the die gallery, or you can have your custom die-cut business card created for you. Either way, a professional die-cut business card template will help ensure that your design looks as great off the press as it does on your screen, since templates are pre-set in the proper color mode (CMYK), resolution (at least 300 dpi) and for your preferred graphic design and layout program (AI, Photoshop, etc.). Die-cut business card design can be both challenging and fun. Before you commit to one design, list several concepts and choose a few to sketch. Doing so will give you a better idea of what the final design will say to your audience. Follow these ]]>die-cut business card design tips]]> to leave a lasting impression that yields a big return.