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Die-Cut Business Card Marketing Strategies

Question: What's one of the cheapest and easiest way to boost your current marketing efforts and earn a phenomenal return on investment? Answer: die-cut business cards! Die-cut business cards can influence your prospects better than nearly any other personal leave-behind. They tell your customers that you're different from the competition. They express how you're different, and why your customers choose you instead of your competitors. Not only that, but they're extremely economical to print, and don't require any extra effort on your part since you're already distributing your business cards. Here are some die-cut business card marketing strategies that will help you leapfrog the competition:

Be yourself

resources imageYour die-cut business cards should reflect who you are. It characterizes your company and tells your prospects exactly what to expect from you. Don't be afraid to get creative and let your personality shine through. Are you a one-stop shop? How about a die-cut business card in the shape of the number one or a unity symbol? You could represent power with a slightly angular card; or fun with a series of interior cut-outs. Perhaps a funny yet relevant shape will do: A dog toy company could have a business card die cut with chew marks. Jot down several concepts before choosing the right die-cut business card for you. If it tells your customers who you are, what you can do for them, how you're different and still projects the spirit of your company, you've found a winner.

Distribute everywhere

The brilliant thing about a truly creative die-cut business card is that, no matter who sees it, they'll remember it. They might even pick it up and take it home or to the office, even if they're not currently in the market for what you're selling. Even better, they might even share your design with friends, family and business associates, so your unique die-cut business card is doing all the marketing for you. For this reason, you should distribute your die-cut business card everywhere. Don't stop at handing them out at business meetings: Hand them to your accountant, your lawyer, your friends and family. Leave them in library books, on restaurant tables and hotel night stands, and send two or three business cards with every mailed correspondence (one for your recipient, two they can hand out to colleagues). The more you can blanket the market with your die-cut business cards and the more unique your design, the more free word-of-mouth advertising you'll generate.

Add an offer and call to action

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There's nothing wrong with including a special offer and call to action on your die-cut business card (try printing on the back and using an arrow on the front directing prospects to turn your card over). In fact, because die-cut business cards can generate so much second-hand interest, an offer can turn your business cards from branded contact slips to full-fledged direct-response marketing pieces. Die-cut business card marketing is economical and easy. More than that, it meets your bottom line: It works. If you want your business cards to go to work for you, take these die-cut business card marketing strategies to heart and implement them the next time you print business cards.